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ABUS Ivera Chain 7210

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The ABUS Ivera Chain 7210 chain lock combines theft protection and design in one. The Ivera... more

The ABUS Ivera Chain 7210 chain lock combines theft protection and design in one. The Ivera Chain comes with high-tech fabric and in four stylish colors to the start. Thanks to IvyTex technology, important moving parts are protected. The IvyTex sheathing protects the frame from paint scratches and guarantees a long durability of the chain. Liquids such as water, are not absorbed by the fabric, so the steel is protected from corrosion. In addition, the fabric is extremely flexible and weather resistant, ensuring easy handling even in winter.

The chain consists of a 7 mm thick square chain, which is made of specially hardened steel, just like the housing and elementary parts of the locking mechanism. This makes the chain lock a perfect protection for e-bikes. In addition, the Ivera Chain 7210 is equipped with a lock body that comes with soft case technology and ensures better handling when locking and protects against unwanted paint scratches. Depending on the length of the Ivera Chain, the bike can be connected to lampposts, bollards or fences.

Features of the ABUS Ivera Chain 7210 chain lock:

  • good theft protection
  • available in four stylish colors
  • 7 mm thick square chain
  • IvyTex technology (durable and highly flexible synthetic fiber sheath)
  • Security level: 8
  • Chain, case, locking mechanism made of specially hardened steel
  • Lock body with soft case technology
  • Two different lengths: 85 cm | 110 cm
Manufacturer: Abus
Item weight: 1280 g | 1680 g
Total length: 85 cm | 110 cm
E-Safety-Level: 8
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