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Akku Vision PowerPack Lite rack battery for Bosch - 360 Wh

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With the Akku Vision PowerPack Lite 360 Wh rack battery you finally have a compact e-bike... more

With the Akku Vision PowerPack Lite 360 Wh rack battery you finally have a compact e-bike battery for the small trips and short distances. Most certainly, you do not always need the full range of your e-bike in everyday life or on the weekend. So why lug around a heavy battery on your daily commutes and afternoon rides? The Lite version of the Akku Vision Bosch PowerPack rear rack battery offers the ideal solution here - lightweight, compact and maximum compatibility.

Features of the Akku Vision PowerPack Lite 360 Wh

  • Rack battery for Bosch e-bikes
  • 2kg lightweight
  • Compatible with all Bosch Gen2, Gen3, Gen4 (Active & Performance) drives
  • Realistic range of 45km
  • Intelligent battery management system
  • Splashproof & dustproof

Compatibility and technology

Switching to Akku Vision's smaller battery pack is easy. The PowerPack Lite is compatible with all Bosch drives of generations 2, 3 and 4 - Active, Active Plus, Performance, Performance CX. You can also continue to use your previous Bosch charger. All you need to do is pay close attention to the external dimensions and compare them with the battery holder on your rear rack.
In terms of technology, however, the Akku Vision alternative is in no way inferior to the original Bosch PowerPack 500. The integrated battery management system ensures best performance of the PowerPack Lite in every situation. It protects the rack battery from overcharging, short circuit, deep discharge or excessive discharge currents. To ensure that you can enjoy your battery for a particularly long time, the intelligent cell balancing optimizes every charging process.

Note: Before ordering, please compare the dimensions of the battery and the battery compartment of your rear rack.

If you have any questions regarding compatibilty or availability, do not hesitate to contact us.

Bosch System: Bosch Active Line Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Active Line Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Active Line Plus Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Cargo Line Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Cargo Line Speed Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Performance Line Speed Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line Speed Gen4 (BDU4XX)
Battery capacity: 300 Wh - 399 Wh
Drive system: Bosch drive
Manufacturer: E-Bike Vision
Weight: approx. 2kg
Item: Akku Vision PowerPack Lite rack battery for Bosch - 360 Wh
Scope of delivery: 1x Akku Vision PowerPack Lite rack battery
Colour: black
Measurements: Length: 363.8mm | Width: 114.4mm | Height: 76.2 mm
Compatibility: Suitable for Bosch drives of Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 - Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line, Performance Line CX
Incompatibility: not compatible with Bosch Classic Line motors (Gen1) & Smart System
Mounting: for mounting on rear rack with battery compartment
Characteristics: Made in Europe
Safety features: Intelligent battery management system: protection against overcharge, protection against deep discharge, protection against too high discharge currents, protection against short circuit, protection against too high / too low temperature, intelligent cell balancing, single cell monitoring | splash-proof and dust-proof
Bluetooth: yes
Battery capacity: 360Wh
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