The E-Bike Blog

Special Model Haibike ALLMTN SE: A Lot of “Extra” and Some “Vagance”.

Haibike celebrates ten years of e-bikes. The gift, however, goes to you. But beware: smart spenders don’t need to read any further!

Conjuring at Moustache: New Magic Tour Mode

Moustache interprets a more natural riding experience on the e-mountain bike as one that more closely resembles riding without a motor.

Classified Powershift Hub: Ready for a Mix of Its Own?

Only one chainring mounted, but ride like with two. Not possible? It does! And it looks quite promising.

Mine? Mine? None? – Shops and stores are running out of e-bikes

E-bikes are scarce right now. The ones that are available suddenly cost more. Why is that? And when will the situation return to normal?

Forestal Siryon: I come from the woods

What does Andorra offer? Lots of mountains. A pretty low income tax rate. And an e-bike brand that is yet quite unknown.

iLynx Race Carbon from BH Bikes: Preferring to Be Ordinary.

An e-bike that comes with less because it wants to be more? Sounds confusing at first, but it makes sense.