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The Convercycle “Electric” goes into a straddle. Good thing.

Within three seconds you can turn an e-city bike into an e-cargo bike. This is how Convercyle interprets urban mobility today.

Just Go for Super. New E-Gravel Bike Cannondale Topstone Neo SL

Gravel is also becoming more and more popular among e-bikers. Two new bikes from the USA are adding to the trend.

Accessories for Tern GSD Gen 1 and Gen 2: What is compatible with what?

Tern’s e-cargo bike is a big seller. Nevertheless, the bike can cause some headaches. Here’s some relief.

Light, lighter, e-road bike HPS Domestique Ekar

For a long time now, there has only been one direction for the weight of e-bikes: down. A small manufacturer shows where the journey can go.

Trek E-Caliber: Remarkable Gap Filler

Cross-country fans take note. The IsoStrut shock could make the E-Caliber a real game changer.

Special Model Haibike ALLMTN SE: A Lot of “Extra” and Some “Vagance”.

Haibike celebrates ten years of e-bikes. The gift, however, goes to you. But beware: smart spenders don’t need to read any further!