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“The bicycle should be something unagitated, everyday.”

A conversation with Professor Angela Francke, expert in traffic psychology, about ebikes, car-free cities and the Caribbean.

New Gravelec Drive from Ansmann: Well Sporty!

Where it says Gravel on it, there’s more than just Gravel in it. Another drive specialist prefers versatility to superlatives.

Twmpa E-Flow: With Wood and Electricity on Tarmac and Gravel

Despite Brexit, the wheels continue to turn in terms of ebikes in the UK – with some surprising results.

Are Cargo Bikes Heading for a New Sales Record?

Manufacturers of cargo bikes are optimistic about sales in 2021. The Belgian market is considered particularly promising.

Stuttgart University Points the Way to Lighter, Smaller Chargers

The key to the development step lies in the electrotechnical circuit and a new basis for the semiconductor elements.

“Free Drive” Ebike Drive: Will the Chain Soon Be out of Fashion?

Schaeffler and Heinzmann have jointly developed a “drive-by-wire” system. The first bikes with it may appear as early as 2022.


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