E-bike iLynx Race Carbon from BH Bikes for 2021 in action

iLynx Race Carbon from BH Bikes: Preferring to Be Ordinary.

Nope, that’s nothing at all. A battery with not even 500 watt hours? What, no torque of 80 Newton metres? That’s not a full-suspension e-mountain bike on the cutting edge! Absolute mega-fail. That’s what some of you might think when you see the iLynx Race Carbon from BH Bikes. But be careful, don’t judge too quickly. You might miss out on one of the most exciting bikes of the 2021 season.

E-bike iLynx Race Carbon from BH Bikes for 2021

iLynx Race Carbon from BH Bikes for 2021

The risk of overlooking this e-bike is actually relatively high. This is simply because the “E” in front of “drive” is almost invisible here. If the motor were a few centimetres smaller, it would disappear completely behind the chainring – and the lifelong dream of many a developer of e-bike power units would have come true. So, the frame in the region of the bottom bracket is still massive enough that one last distinguishing feature remains. Apart from that, the iLynx Race Carbon would otherwise look like a, well, … like an ordinary fully. And that’s exactly what BH Bikes is striving for with this model.

Slimming down as a guiding principle

To come as close as possible to this goal, BH has put the iLynx Race Carbon on a diet. This applies, for example, to the new BH 2ESMAG motor developed in-house. Keeping the power low, limiting the torque to 65 Newton metres, therefore getting small dimensions in return and packing it into a magnesium housing. Voila, small and light.

Another example is the battery. First measure: install it firmly in the frame. Yes, this limits flexibility when charging. In return, however, the battery itself and its housing inside the frame can be kept very compact and the wall thicknesses of the frame tubes relatively thin. Second measure: do not push capacity to infinity. The result is once again: small and light.

Between minimum, maximum and optimum

Of course, there is a trendy term for such concepts: minimal assist bike. Specialized initiated this with the Levo a few years ago and now other manufacturers are following this pattern. Motor suppliers such as Fazua or FreeFlow Technologies are taking the same line. In the end, it’s all about creating an e-bike that not only looks sporty, but also matches the sporty attitude of the target group. No technical monster class that takes you to any destination almost by itself. Instead, a conscious minimalism that pushes but does not pull. The result are fullys with electric assistance that weigh less than 17 kilograms and have a riding feeling that is suspiciously reminiscent of that of a conventional fully. You can test it for yourself by simply doing without the electric drive during the ride.

The nice thing about the iLynx Race Carbon is that it can also be ridden by those who don’t care about this reminiscence of bio-bikes and who are thrilled about every single watt hour. For them, BH has a range extender with 180 watt hours up its sleeve, which looks almost like a drinking bottle and also fits into the corresponding mount. This adds an additional 180 watt hours to the original 540. According to BH Bikes, this should easily be enough for 2,000 metres of altitude or a range of 150 to 200 kilometres. Even in the most affordable configuration, the iLynx Race Carbon with the range extender weighs less than 20 kilograms.

Carbon sensitively suspended

Given such values, it will come as no surprise to you that the frame of this e-bike is made of carbon. That’s right, the name has given it away all along anyway. Its geometry is based on the Lynx Race, but is a bit more moderate. You can choose between versions with 100 millimetres and 120 millimetres of travel. Especially with the second version, the combination with the dropper seat post really makes sense. This way you can also challenge the iLynx a lot on the downhill.

The second special feature of the frame is its split pivot system. BH holds its own patent for this suspension and damping system and has been using it on its full-suspension bikes for some time. Now also on its e-bikes. This rear triangle reacts specifically to suspension, braking and pedalling forces, which often act simultaneously when riding. As a result, you move forward efficiently and comfortably at the same time. Both the damping and the suspension are components from Fox. Together with the high-quality carbon frame, this results in a coherent concept.

Four models with useful extras

All the more so, as the bike comes with internally routed cables, 29-inch wheelsets from DT Swiss and a 12-speed chain drive. By the way, the permissible total weight is 165 kilograms.

You cannot determine all the details of the equipment yourself. However, you can choose from a total of four different versions:

  • iLynx Race Carbon 8.6 Pro from 8,999.90 euros
  • iLynx Race Carbon 8.4 Pro LT from 7,999.90 euros
  • iLynx Race Carbon 8.2 LT from 6.999,90 Euro
  • iLynx Race Carbon 8.0 LT from 5.999,90 Euro

BH Bikes offers a small upgrade for the head tube of all models. This is the FIT (Fast Intervention Tool) multitool. Similar to one of the multitools in the classic version, it contains several tools that can be worth their weight in gold in the event of a breakdown:

  • Allen key: 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm
  • Torx key: 25 mm
  • chain tool
  • CO2 adapter
  • chain lock
  • optional space for CO2 cartridge

Play designer yourself

Unfortunately, the FIT is not included as standard. You can add it if you wish. However, the frame colour is included. Of course. In keeping with the broad technical range of the model, there are also four versions here:

  • black with frame logo in blue
  • dark blue with frame logo in orange
  • black with frame logo in red
  • orange with frame logo in black


Not enough yet? In this case, no problem for BH Bikes. Since the iLynx Race Carbon is not entirely cheap, it benefits from the Unique programme. This means you can choose the frame colour and the colour of the decorative elements yourself. But beware, there are more than 30,000 combinations! So it’s not for the indecisive. You can choose your look easily on the BH website or coordinate it with a member of staff in a shop. There are also very unusual finishes with metal flakes and so on. And best of all: the whole thing is free of charge. Not that bad.

There is one tiny catch to this offer. The delivery period of the bike is extended by about two weeks. If you’re up for it, you can play around with the colour regulator now. The first models will not be available until March of this year. But hey, as far as we’re concerned, this bike absolutely deserves a little anticipation.



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