Magic Tour support level for Moustache e-mountain bikes

Conjuring at Moustache: New Magic Tour Mode

If a mountain bike from Moustache had a Performance CX motor from Bosch, you could previously select four support levels for it: Eco, Tour, eMTB and Turbo. Now a new mode has been added – the Magic Tour Mode.

Productive all together

Moustache has always been one of the brands that collaborate extremely closely with Bosch. When it was founded eleven years ago, the company decided to rely exclusively on the motor supplier from Germany. And since the French have only been involved with e-bikes from the beginning, the partnership is apparently also of great value to Bosch. For good reason, the eMTB mode has already emerged from the five-year collaboration between the two.

Now the Magic Tour mode follows. And this one is heading in a different direction than the eMTB mode. In this case, it’s not about simply polishing off the jags in your track profile thanks to sheer power. Rather, the magic reins in the motor. Primarily, of course, when you don’t need the support as much. You should be able to feel this clearly on downhill sections and on the flat. The graphs of the respective modes clearly show how restrained the motor is in the first third of the Magic Tour mode. The differences to the eMTB and even more so to the Turbo mode are considerable in relation.

Graphs of the riding modes on e-mountain bikes from Moustache

The different riding modes on Moustache e-mountain bikes.

When the greater range lures you in

As the graph shows, you need to exert more power to fully unleash the motor’s performance. The more effort you put in, the more the electric drive gives back to you. Moustache has designed a characteristic that is more to the advantage of those who want to ride more enduringly and sportily. In addition, the manufacturer can imagine that riders will switch back and forth between different modes less often in the future and instead leave their setting on Magic Tour.

The bottom line is that this will probably cost more sweat than before. But you will be compensated with additional kilometres. According to Moustache, extensive tests have shown that the battery runtime is extended by an average of 15 to 25 percent compared to the eMTB mode. Compared to the previous Tour mode, the gain is only in the single-digit range. To put this into perspective, it must of course always be added that such values always depend on how, where and with what equipment you ride your bike. If you tackle a 15-kilometre climb in this mode, you will hardly notice any great savings effect at the finish.

Nevertheless, it is clear who this new mode is aimed at. That is everyone who interprets the e-bike as a piece of sports equipment, tends to go on longer tours and likes to work up a sweat.

Magic Tour mode for e-MTB from Moustache with Bosch Performance CX motor

Advantage of the Magic Tour: Save power going downhill and last longer going uphill.

New bike not necessarily required

Moustache is now installing this innovation on all its e-mountain bikes. You also have the option of retrofitting older models accordingly. If you own an e-MTB from the manufacturer from the 2020 or 2021 season that is equipped with a fourth-generation Bosch Performance CX, you can simply pay a visit to a dealer. There, the Magic Tour mode will be set up via a software update. Important to know: You will look in vain for Magic on your display. Only Eco, Tour, eMTB and Turbo will still appear there. Behind the Tour mode, however, is the version with the special magic.

Contrary to our first impression, Moustache does not have this innovation exclusively to itself. Other manufacturers also receive this option from Bosch. The prerequisite is always that the e-bike has a Bosch Performance CX Gen 4 installed, on which the Tour mode and eMTB mode were previously also set up. Presumably, competitors will give the revised support level a different name.


Pictures: Moustache

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