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Bosch 2023: Smart System Drive System Grows to Family Size

Novelties for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive in the 2023 season

Last year, a new era began at Bosch. With the introduction of the new drive called Smart System and its detachment from all previous systems, it was clear: there will be a time before Smart System and one after. Year zero, i.e. the system in the 2022 season, was quite, let’s say, manageable. There was a single motor, a single battery, a single display and a single control unit. The manufacturer promised to follow up soon, but did not say exactly when and to what extent. Tomorrow, the doors of the Eurobike open and Bosch heralds year one after the launch of the Smart System. And if you’re counting the innovations this time, you’ll hardly be able to keep up. We will give you a brief initial overview.

1. Bosch Smart System – motors
2. Bosch Smart System – batteries
3. Bosch Smart System – display and control units
4. Bosch Smart System – GPS tracker
5. Bosch Smart System – ABS

1. Bosch Smart System – motors

Hardly surprisingly, Bosch started the Smart System project a year ago with its flagship, the Performance Line CX. It now gets much of the same substructure that you know from the ebike systems of the other generations.

In terms of hardware, the new motors correspond to the variants known from Bosch’s previous development stage. Dimensions and weight, for example, remain the same. However, analogous to the Performance Line CX for the Smart System, Bosch has changed the electronics and software.

One result of this is the Auto Mode riding mode. As its name suggests, it automatically takes control of the drive. Several sensors detect, for example, whether you are currently on a climb, how steep it is, from which direction and how strong the wind is blowing. Based on this data, the auto mode automatically sets the appropriate riding mode and the level of assistance. You can concentrate entirely on the riding itself.

The software updates also include a further development of the walk assistance. In future, a hill-hold function will be stored there. This prevents you from unintentionally rolling back with the ebike while pushing up a hill. For example, if you take a short break to catch your breath.

Bosch Performance Line for Smart System

The first newcomer among the motors is the Performance Line. Frugal in energy consumption because more modest in performance, it marks the entry into the Smart System motor range from now on. Many manufacturers will probably use this motor for their city ebikes and perhaps some of the trekking ebikes. Bosch has significantly increased its capabilities. It now increases your own pedalling power by up to 340 percent, instead of only 300 percent before. In addition, the maximum torque increases from 65 Newton metres to 75 Newton metres.

Performance Line motor for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
Performance Line motor for Bosch Smart System

Bosch Performance Line at a glance

  • Support up to: 25 km/h
  • Torque: maximum 75 Nm
  • Max. Support: 340 %
  • Variants: Hub and derailleur gearing
  • Weight: approx. 2.9 kg


Bosch Performance Line Speed for Smart System

To ensure that S-pedelecs remain just as attractive and do not lose ground to pedelecs, the presentation of a motor for fast ebikes was expected. Nevertheless, it is good to see that Bosch is actually fulfilling these expectations. Especially since changes regarding to the batteries fit perfectly into the picture here as well.

Performance Line Speed motor for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
Performance Line Speed motor for speed pedelecs with Bosch Smart System

What is missing again is a version of the motor that can be combined with hub gears. At this point, the competitor Enviolo in the field of S-pedelecs has an advantage on the market that should not be underestimated. After all, the use of a low-maintenance belt is often desired on these bikes as well.

Bosch Performance Line Sport Speed at a glance

  • Support up to: 45 km/h
  • Torque: max. 85 Nm
  • Max. Support: 340 %
  • Variants: Hub gearing
  • Weight: approx. 2.9 kg


Bosch Cargo Line for Smart System

The same applies to the Bosch Cargo Line motor for the Smart System. E-cargo bikes are booming and buyers would like to be able to take advantage of smart drives there as well. With its maximum support of 400 percent and its power fully available even at low speeds, the Cargo Line has its own very special profile. Considering the increased number of battery options for the 2023 season, it can make full use of this.

Cargo Line motor for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
Cargo Line motor for Bosch Smart System

Bosch Cargo Line at a glance

  • Support up to: 25 km/h
  • Torque: maximum 85 Nm
  • Max. Support: 400 %
  • Variants: Hub and derailleur gearing
  • Weight: approx. 2.9 kg


2. Bosch Smart System – batteries

More variety has been added not only to the motors, but also to the batteries. Four new models, that sounds really good. Two Intube batteries are included and above all two new frame batteries. This news is positive in at least two respects. Firstly, it gives manufacturers more freedom within their product range as to what type of ebike they switch to Smart System. Secondly, the greater choice increases the chance for you to consider somewhat cheaper bikes again in your purchase decision and still be able to ride the latest technology. Up to now, the most powerful motor and the biggest battery together also made the biggest hole in your wallet.

Batteries with new interior

Something has also changed inside the batteries. Bosch now uses 21700 cells for its PowerPack, the same cells used not only by Tesla, but also by other companies in the bike industry such as Akku Vision, BMZ and Specialized. Bosch has now introduced two different sizes of frame batteries: the PowerPack 545 and the PowerPack 725. The numbers still seem very unusual, after years of going up from the Power 300 to the PowerPack 500 in steps of a hundred. However, we will certainly get used to this.

The dimensions of the different PowerPacks are not identical. Therefore, they cannot be used as a second battery without further ado. DualBattery is an option with all of them, however. It is also possible to combine them with the PowerTubes integrated in the frame.

Bosch PowerPack 545 for Smart System

  • Capacity: 545 Wh
  • Weight: 3,0 kg
  • Dimensions: 338 mm x 93 mm x 81 mm
  • Compatible with DualBattery: yes


Bosch PowerPack 725 for Smart System

  • Capacity: 725 Wh
  • Weight: 4,0 kg
  • Dimensions: 344 mm x 95 mm x 100 mm
  • Compatible with DualBattery: yes


Bosch adds two more Intube batteries, each with a lower capacity, to the existing PowerTube 750. In this case, the numbers of 625 watt-hours and 500 watt-hours will certainly be familiar to many. In terms of dimensions, Bosch has made sure that the three are interchangeable. So if you want, you can get a replacement battery for the standard battery, which may have more or less capacity.

Bosch PowerTube 500 for Smart System

  • Capacity: 500 Wh
  • Weight: 3,6 kg
  • Dimensions: 415 mm x 84 mm x 65 mm
  • Compatible with DualBattery: yes


Bosch PowerTube 625 for Smart System

  • Capacity: 625 Wh
  • Weight: 3,0 kg
  • Dimensions: 345 mm x 84 mm x 65 mm
  • Compatible with DualBattery: yes


3. Bosch Smart System – display and control units

Even on the ebikes with Smart System, many cyclists would like to use a display in some form. This demonstrates not least the speed with which the SmartphoneGrip mobile phone holder introduced in the spring is now selling in shops and online shops. Bosch is now following suit and has adapted the Intuvia to the new drive system. Although the old and new Intuvia have little in common externally. The new Intuvia 100 follows more closely the Kiox 300, although its 2.5-inch, pleasantly flat screen is rather square.

Intuvia 100 display for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
Intuvia 100 display for Bosch Smart System
Back side of the Intuvia 100 display for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
Pressing the button on the back displays the respective data after the tour.

Kept absolutely simple

The biggest difference, however, is the lack of cables. A good old battery serves as the power source, according to Bosch, for almost two years. The Intuvia 100 is connected to the LED Remote via Bluetooth. From there it receives the data, which it then converts into the respective indications on the display. It’ s all kept deliberately simple. You will only be able to see information about the current ride, such as speeds, distance and so on. Functionally, it seems like a revival of the bicycle computer from the 1990s. Some may be quite disappointed by this, while others may celebrate so much purism.

New control centre on the top tube

Speaking of simple. Inspired by other drive manufacturers, Bosch is also introducing a control unit that can be integrated into the top tube of the bike frame. Competitors like Mahle and Fazua have been offering such solutions for some time. The System Controller is based on the concept known from these companies. In addition to switching on and off, you can set the desired riding mode and read the current battery status. In some cases, you can also change the riding modes without taking your hands off the handlebars. This depends on whether the bike manufacturer has added the new Mini Remote to the System Controller. The minimalist control unit can also be used to activate the light and the push aid, among other things.

SystemController control unit for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive on an e-mountain bike
System Controller control unit for Bosch Smart System
SystemController and MiniRemote control units for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
System Controller and optional Mini Remote control unit for Bosch Smart System
MiniRemote and SystemController control units and Intuvia 100 display on an ebike with Bosch Smart System drive system
Ebike completely equipped with Mini Remote and System Controller control units and Intuvia 100 display

4. Bosch Smart System – GPS tracker

Rising prices for ebikes are one reason why anti-theft measures using GPS tracking are becoming an increasingly important issue. Bosch shares this consideration and is now launching its own system on the market. ConnectModule is an integrated alarm module that is installed directly on the motor. Its built-in motion sensors register when it is moved without permission. Where exactly can be determined thanks to the connection to the satellite-based GPS navigation system. In the event of attempted theft, it sends you a message and triggers an alarm on the bike itself: Among other things, the light switches on and off. Assuming, of course, that the bike has a light system.

Prepared for emergencies

Because it has its own 650 mAh battery, ConnectModule works independently of the ebike battery. If the battery is extinguished, the tracker continues to send data. Until its battery is also extinguished. The charge status of the ConnectModule is displayed in the Bosch eBike Flow. It recharges automatically as soon as you connect a charger directly to the ebike or the ebike battery supplies power again.

GPS tracker ConnectModule for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
GPS tracker ConnectModule for bosch Smart System

Fortunately for all those who already ride a bike with the latest drive system from Bosch, the Smart System – ConnectModule can be purchased individually and retrofitted to your bike. The purchase price of 99 euros includes all the functions of the tracker for one year. After this test phase, you can choose the extent to which you want to use it.

Safety by subscription

You can then decide whether you want to keep the newly introduced eBike Alarm function, for example. It activates automatically as soon as you switch off your ebike. From then on, eBike Alarm registers almost every movement of the bike, if you have not activated it yourself beforehand. With movements of a few centimetres, the LEDs of the LED Remote light up brightly. For anything beyond this, you will receive a warning via the eBike Flow app on the device registered for this purpose. At the same time, an acoustic alarm is triggered on the bike and ConnectModule sends the position data. In order for everything to work as described, you must also activate eBike Lock in the eBike Flow app. This is the function that automatically switches off the motor support as soon as you switch off your ebike. It can then only be switched on via the app.

View of the ConnectModule GPS tracker for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive in the eBike Flow App
Thanks to the eBike Alarm, you can always see where your ebike is parked in the eBike Flow app.
Position display for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive and ConnectModule GPS tracker in the eBike Flow app
If the ebike is stolen, the ConnectModule GPS tracker indicates the current location in a fixed rhythm.

For this level of security, Bosch charges 39.99 euros for an annual subscription. Alternatively, the manufacturer offers a monthly subscription for 4.99 euros.

ConnectModule can only be used along with the Smart System ebike system.

5. Bosch Smart System – ABS

About four years ago, Bosch made history with the first production-ready anti-lock braking system (ABS) for pedelecs and ebikes. Technically, the system was convincing. The ABS effectively prevented the front wheel from blocking, prevented the rear wheel from suddenly lifting off during overly violent braking manoeuvres and thus demonstrably increased riding safety. Nevertheless, it was never able to establish itself on the market. The clunky-looking control unit on the handlebar and the cooperation limited to Magura as brake manufacturer are only two of the reasons for this.

ABS system for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
If car doors suddenly open, an ABS system can save cyclists from accidents.

ABS is dead, long live ABS

Despite all this, Bosch does not seem to have lost faith in the significance of the project and is now presenting a fundamental revision. Compared to the previous version, you have to look for the control unit with a magnifying glass. Visually, the old and the new are worlds apart. It remains to be seen how this will play out in terms of the system’s effect.

ABS system for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
ABS system for Bosch Smart System
Control unit of the ABS system for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
The control unit measures only a quarter of its predecessor and weighs less than half as much.

You cannot buy it yourself as a retrofit kit in stores. Bosch supplies the kit directly to the bicycle manufacturers. They then decide which configuration the ABS will have. Basically, the following four settings can be selected, which are adjusted slightly differently:

  • ABS Cargo – fast and true-to-track braking with a full load
  • ABS Touring – changing terrain, frequent starting and braking
  • ABS Allroad – light off-road riding, gravel and forest roads
  • ABS Trail – very sporty riding, shortest reaction times
Cargo mode on the ABS system for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system
Trail mode on the ABS system for ebikes with Bosch Smart System drive system

The respective profile therefore depends on the type of ebike on which it is installed.

If rumours from the industry are to be believed, Bosch is absolutely convinced of the update. A multi-million campaign is to be launched in the days of the Eurobike and, starting in Frankfurt, will bring the topic into the consciousness of cyclists.

Pictures: Bosch eBike Systems

37 thoughts on “Bosch 2023: Smart System Drive System Grows to Family Size”

  1. Good day,
    Here’s what’s happening with my 2023 Moustache X-Road 3.
    Since my purchase of three weeks ago, the display randomly works getting the info from the controller. Seldom does it actually do what it’s intended to do. Usually I get the “Intuvia 100” read out at the bottom of the screen, that’s it. Sometimes I’ll get all the information like speed, distance travelled etc. but the display doesn’t tell you what those numbers are. Instead it’ll read “ ride with caution” at the bottom. Or sometimes it’s just a blank screen. Also if it just reads “intuvia 100” it’ll just stay on indefinitely.

    1. Hello Darrell,
      Try turning the Intuvia 180″ and see if it works. It may be that the activation pin on the back is not pressed in properly. However, it is difficult to say from a distance what the actual cause of the problem is. Theoretically, you should try the display with another LED remote and your current remote with another Intuvia 100. This could shed more light on the problem. But of course it would mean effort and costs.
      Cheers, Matthias

  2. hi. My bike is a 2023 Trek Rail 9.8 model.
    A freeze when operating in walk mode.
    I contacted Bosch but did not receive any response.
    Can`t it be solved with SW update?

    1. Hello,
      Hard to tell from distance, since we don’t know what is the exact problem with the drive. We would recommend visiting your local Trek dealer for a check. If necessary, he could update the software as well.
      Cheers, Matthias

  3. My local dealers has told me that Bosch will present a new smaller emtb motor in August, he couldn’t say how much torque the motor will have but most likely somewhere between 50 and 60Nm like others in that category. My first question is can you confirm this rumour?

    And second question – can we expect the 2024 bike models for example from Cube to be fitted with this new motor? 2024 models meaning we will be able to order them from November 2023 onwards?


    1. Hello Logaris,
      Information from Bosch on potential novelties for the 2024 season are still under embargo. Actually even your local dealer should have signed an agreement to keep such information secret until a certian date. Bosch will present all the news on 19th June, two days ahead of the start of this years Eurobike. Since we want to maintain our good connections with Bosch in the future, we will respect this embargo as well as future embargoes. Unfortunately, this means that you will not get any further information from us on this topic before 19 June. Maybe you just mark the date in your calendar 😉
      Cheers, Matthias

  4. Hi i bought my cube supreme September 2022 and would like to convert to smart system but from what i have read the Purion controller does not support this system, how uch would it cost to replace with smart controller so that i can use with my iphone?

    1. Hello Linda,
      Unfortunately, one cannot convert an ebike with a regular Bosch drive into an ebike with a Bosch Smart System drive. Both drives are not compatible with each other.
      Cheers, Matthias

  5. I can’t wait for the Bosch smart update in which control of the Enviolo Automatiq hub will be integrated.
    If not control then please at least make the cadence show up in the smartphone Flow app and Kiox 300.


  6. Svenn Erik Kristoffersen

    I want to buy a new Benno Boost (mine is stolen). BUT the Smart System will not come for Benno Boost before hopefully late this year, 2023. Too bad.

  7. Perhaps Bosch should focus on making the current systems work before bringing new ones to market. Smart System update is a mess on Trek Rail bikes. After the Flow update bike records double km and double average speed.
    All Trek Rail 9.8 and 9.9 bicycles with Kiox 300 Smart System have this problem after the update. Bosch apparently does nothing about it.

    1. Hello Timo,
      Bosch is now aware of the problem. According to our information, it will be fixed with a further update. However, we do not know when this might come.
      Cheers, Matthias

    1. Hello Scott,
      Well, maybe Bosch itself has got such a list. At least we don’t know anyone else who could keep track of the multitude of corresponding models.
      Cheers, Matthias

    1. Hello Stefan,
      We do not have any concrete information on this. But according to everything we have heard, a solution can be expected at the beginning of the 2024 model year at the earliest. For Bosch, that starts on 1.8.2023.
      Cheers, Matthias

  8. Hi Matthias,

    Will Bosch consider making larger power packs in the future compatible with the same Bosch CX motor in existing e-bikes?

    Today, I have the 750Wh power pack and the Bosch CX motor, but it would be great to upgrade the Power Pack in future years without having to buy a different e-bike altogether…


    1. Hello Jessica,
      You have got a point there. Nonetheless, regarding todays battery technology I would not count on that. In the end it comes down simply to mathematics – more capacity = more weight and greater volumes. So, the current PowerPack 725 is probably Bosch’s limit to what they consider a pracitcable size. If more capacity can be done with less weight and less space needed, this could change the status quo, of course.
      Cheers, Matthias

  9. I have a cube reaction hybrid pro 625 cx gen 4 motor with purion display. can I upgrade it to smart system with led remote and kiox 300?

    1. Hello Danny,
      Since we are talking about two drives with a different software, this is not possible. Your bike features a drive, which Bosch refers to as its second development stange. The Smart System belongs to the third development stage. Both are not compatible with each other.
      Cheers, Matthias

  10. Hi,
    Are you sure the new 75Nm Performance Line motor and the 750Wh battery will be available on ebikes in 2023? My dealer says it will be 2024…

    1. Hello Bertrand,
      Bosch itself announced the Performance Line motor for summer 2022. And the 750 wh battery is already used by several bike manufacturers. So, if you spoke to a dealer, probably he gave you the information regarding a specific bike manufacturer.

      Cheers, Matthias

    1. Hello Dave,
      At least three models of the Powerfly range for the 2023 season will feature Bosch’s Smart System drive.
      Cheers, Matthias

  11. Toussaint françois

    I am purchasing the KTM MACINA STYLE 710 2022 model, will I be able to upgrade with the new ABS SYS in 2023 ?

    1. Hi François,

      unfortunately, the new Bosch ABS cannot be upgraded at the moment. However, we think that Bosch is working on offering one for upgrading in the future. In any case, the prerequisite will be a Bosch Smart System drive, which you have installed on your Macina Style 710.

      If there is any news on the subject of upgrading Bosch ABS, we will get back to you.

      Cheers, Martin

  12. Can the smart system power pack 725W be fitted to bikes with Bosch motors that don’t have the SmartSystem software etc?

    I have a Haibike with gen 2 performance line motor and a Haibike with a performance line cx gen 4 motor with 625W power tube battery a range extender to take two batteries. I would like to be able to use the new 725W frame battery on either bike.

    1. Hello Paul,
      That’s not an option. Bosch’s Smart System is a kind of closed system and not compatibel with any other generation of thta drive.
      Cheers, Matthias

  13. Everything sounds very impressive. Only 1 question ito performance of the Bosch Performance line CX gen 5 motor. Why was power not increased to at least 90 or 95 nm?

    1. Hello Martin,
      Well, Bosch definitely focused on adapting the three other motors Performance Line, Performance Line Speed and Cargo Line to the Smart System. So, for the moment, the Performance Line CX seems not to be on the top spot of the priority list. On the other hand, maybe Bosch have not presented everything, they have planned for the 2023 season.

      Cheers, Matthias

      1. HI Matthias, I have the same question as Martin. I have just purchased a bike with the smart system and CX performance line. As I ride up long steep hills with a 12 yr old on the back i would love a bit more torque. I’m really hoping they can give me 10 or even better 20 extra nm (over 100 would be great) to make it less of a hard slog! I shall send in my feedback to the appropriate channel…
        thanks, Katie

        1. Hello Katie,
          My feeling is that Bosch is not necessarily thinking in this direction. With the current torque of 85 Newton metres, they are among the absolute top when you look at the other big prominent manufacturers. At 95 Newton metres, the M820 from Bafang and the Panasonic GX Ultimate Pro FIT, which Flyer uses, are currently above that. Perhaps Bosch would like to catch up and increase to 95 Newton metres. But with the trend towards drives with smaller motors and smaller batteries, at least in Europe, we see the development going rather in the opposite direction.
          Cheers, Matthias

          1. Hello, Bafang have motors up to 140Nm now, like M560, 750W and 140Nm of torque in 3.3kg packaging, so Bosch’s 85 seems like a bit weak and behind the competition.

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