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Fazua Ride 60 firmware update bundle 009

Fazua Optimises Two Small, But Fine Details on the Ride 60

Fazua reports a firmware update with two improvements for its Ride 60 ebike system. The brand from near Munich, which has been managed by Porsche eBike Performance GmbH for a good year, has been able to increase the range of the drive. In addition, changing gears on ebikes with hub gears now works more smoothly.

Time out with unexpected potential

The background for the increase in range is an improved energy management. Surprisingly, Fazua was able to tease out a few percentage points of battery power when the battery is at rest. During this phase, data is nevertheless exchanged between components connected to the system, such as the IOT module, and third-party providers. This exchange is always associated with waiting times. According to its own statement, Fazua has now been able to shorten these. As a result, energy consumption is reduced and there is more power left over that you can use for riding. Fazua, however, did not specify how much of a plus this would be.

Only those of you whose ebike features by a hub gear will benefit from the second optimisation. And these must also have an integrated sensor that detects the gear in which you are riding. If this is the case, the gearing and the motor can communicate with each other. The motor registers your shifting and slightly reduces the assistance for fractions of a second. This means that the process does not take place under full motor load, which makes for smoother gear changes. Fazua considers the Ride 60 the ideal drive for urban ebikes. Hub gears are often used for these. In view of this, this should be an important improvement, especially from the manufacturer’s point of view.

Fazua Ride 60 firmware update bundle 009

In the future, you should be able to go even further with the Ride 60 than before.

Save new features comfortably at home

Both innovations can be installed on your ebike via a firmware update. To do this, download the firmware bundle with the serial number 009 from Fazua’s website. The following four requirements are necessary:

  • Fazua Toolbox software version v2.19 on your computer
  • an active internet connection
  • your ebike switched on and connected to the computer via a USB-C cable
  • fully charged battery

Once you are ready, you can access the update by following these steps:

  1. Open Fazua Toolbox by double-clicking on it.
  2. On the Fazua website, under the menu item “Support”, click on the tile for the firmware update.
  3. Select “Online Update” to start the automatic download of the bundle.
  4. Components of the ebike system that are waiting for a newer version are automatically selected for the update.
  5. Click on “Start”.
  6. After the successful update, disconnect the ebike from the computer.
  7. Carefully close the USB port on the bike.


Pictures: Porsche eBike Performance GmbH

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