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Liv Embolden E+ 1 ebike for the 2023 season

That Much Women’s Design Features the Liv Embolden E+ for 2023

At the same time as Giant’s new Stance E+, the revised Liv Embolden E+ is released today. The model series could be discussed in just as much detail as its pedant from Giant. However, that would offer little variety. After all, these are two almost congruent ebikes. To learn more about the modernised version of the Embolden E+, you better read the article on the Stance E+. Every time it says Stance, just replace the name with Embolden in your mind. Here, instead, we’ll look at the details that set the women’s bike apart from the men’s bike.

Liv Embolden E+ 1 ebike for the 2023 season

Liv Embolden E+ 1 for the 2023 season

This look at the details should be preceded by the fact that the Giant Bicycle Group is basically to be credited for making such a look worthwhile. The majority of bicycle manufacturers simply tacitly assume that their models fit women and men equally well. Usually, all it takes is a five-minute conversation with someone who is professionally or even scientifically involved in topics such as ergonomics on the bike, biomechanics or related things to expose this conclusion as a fallacy. Since 2008, the Giant Group has dedicated itself specifically to women cyclists with the Liv brand. It was not by chance that Bonnie Tu, a woman, took the plunge. Today she heads the Giant Bicycle Group, the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world.

Rather small than tall, more upright than stretched out

Suspension system, electric drive, gears and brakes – Liv Embolden E+ and Giant Stance E+ overlap to a large extent in these essential points. Even the frame seems identical at first. However, this only applies to the name. There are certain differences in the geometry. For example, it is immediately noticeable that you will find an Embolden frame in size XS. This is followed by three other sizes up to L. But that’s where it ends. This means that Embolden E+ and Stance E+ theoretically have the sizes S, M and L in common. In reality, however, they are all different. Giant didn’t just change the labelling. The length of the tubes and some angles or wheelbases have been chosen differently. The ratio between reach and stack shows that the seating position in each size of the Stance E+ is somewhat more stretched than on the Embolden E+.

Liv Embolden E+ 1 ebike for the 2023 season

After all, all models in the range are compatible with the EnergyPak Smart 800, even if it is only installed in one as standard.

Some of the contact points on the ebikes are also optimised for the female physique. The Liv Tactal Pro Single Lock-On grips are characterised by a wider shape at the outer ends, which serves as an implied support for the ball of the hand. Although this is not as strongly shaped as on products from Ergon or SQlabs, it still offers the often smaller hands of women more grip comfort than the comparative model on the Stance E+. The Embolden E+ is also equipped with a special women’s saddle, the Liv Sylvia E+.

Liv Embolden E+ ebike for the 2023 season featuring RideControl Dash 2in1 control unit

The grips on the Liv Embolden E+ are ergonomically shaped.

Incomprehensible limits

So far, so praiseworthy. However, our little check also reveals things that illustrate what is still lacking in the equal treatment of the sexes in the bicycle industry. Want an example? The model range of the Embolden E+ only includes four equipment variants, while that of the Stance E+ includes six. Only one of the four features Giant’s current top motor, the SyncDrive Pro2. Only the Embolden E+ Pro has the largest battery, the EnergyPak Smart 800. The suspension fork, gears and brakes of the top model are not of the same high quality as the corresponding components of the Stance E+ 0 Pro. Of course, the price of the Liv is not as high as that of the Giant. Nevertheless, the question of the “Why” arises. Why is there less choice for women? Why can’t even the top model meet the top model for men on equal terms? Whereby these questions should be asked by far more manufacturers than just Giant.

Liv Embolden E+ for the 2023 season at a glance

  • Variants: Embolden E+ Pro, Embolden E+ 1, Embolden E+ 2, Embolden E+ EX
  • Motor: SyncDrive Pro2, SyncDrive Sport2
  • Battery: EnergyPak Smart 800, EnergyPak Smart 625
  • Control unit: RideControl Dash 2in1
  • Suspension fork: RockShox 35 Silver, SR Suntour XCR 34 LO-R
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Deore, Shimano Deore LinkGlide
  • Brakes: Tektro HD-M745 Orion
  • Maximum permitted total weight: 156 kg
  • Prices: from 3,999 euros



Pictures: Giant Germany GmbH

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