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Sram Fulfils Its Promise for the Eagle Powertrain Range Extender

Range extender for ebikes featuring Sram Eagle Powertrain

It was announced for November 2023. Now the additional battery for the Sram Eagle Powertrain is finally available. The reason for the delay was probably not the long search for a suitable product name. The energy storage device is simply called Range Extender.

As standard, Sram’s ebike drive system offers a choice of two intube batteries for integration in the down tube. Bike manufacturers can choose between a 630 watt-hour battery and a larger 720 watt-hour battery. When the ebike system was presented last autumn, Sram announced that an additional battery would be offered for both variants.

Range extender for ebikes featuring Sram Eagle Powertrain
Sram Eagle Powertrain Range Extender

Useful extra weight

Now it is finally available on the market. As promised, you can use it with both main batteries. At a weight of 1.5 kilograms, it provides an additional 250 watt hours of capacity. In combination with the smaller main battery, this means an increase of around 40 per cent. In relation to the larger battery, it is just under 35 per cent. Thanks to its IP X 6 protection rating, the Ranger Extender can be used in a wide range of weather and track conditions, especially in wet conditions. According to the manufacturer, it takes around an hour and 45 minutes to recharge the battery with the 4A charger after a complete discharge. If this is an advantage for you, you can also charge the range extender together with the main battery. Sram offers a corresponding Y-cable for this purpose. Of course, this will slow down the charging process.

Not in every mode and for every frame size

Sram has a very special way of managing when the drive accesses the power of the range extender. This only happens in one of the two riding modes, in Range Mode. There, it seems that the Range Extender is emptied first. Only then does the drive switch to the main battery. In Rally Mode, on the other hand, you cannot use the Range Extender at all.

Range Mode as the definitive riding mode for the range extender on the Sram Eagle Powertrain
To benefit from the greater capacity, you must switch to Range Mode.
Display of the total capacity with a range extender on the display of an ebike featuring a Sram Eagle Powertrain
When the range extender is mounted on the ebike, its capacity is added to that of the main battery. In the case of a 630-watt-hour battery, this means that 100 per cent is increased to 142 per cent in one go.

The mounting of the additional battery follows the example of how competitors handle these things. A mounting plate is attached to the mounting points on the down tube. The range extender can be easily clicked into place on this. Alternatively, you can use the space for a water bottle. You screw this onto its own holding plate beforehand and use it to insert it into the mounting plate.

Range extender including accessories for ebikes featuring Sram Eagle Powertrain
The accessories include a mounting plate for the frame, a holding plate for the water bottle and connection cables in two different lengths.

Before you order a range extender for the Sram Egale Powertrain, you should check whether the frame size of your ebike is large enough for it. This should either be stated in your purchase documents or you can ask your dealer or the customer service of the respective bike manufacturer.

Pictures: SRAM Deutschland GmbH

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