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Rytle MovR3 e-cargo bike

Rytle MovR3 E-cargo Bike: Even a Lifting Platform Included

Some four years ago, Rytle presented the first version of its MovR e-cargo bike. Now the three-wheeled vehicle with the cabin has been thoroughly revised. And in contrast to other competitors on the market, the company from Bremen still relies on a relatively large number of bicycle components.

Rytle MovR3 e-cargo bike

Rytle MovR3

Within the e-cargo bikes, the models with three or four wheels, a roof for the riders as well as the option to pick up large transport boxes are one of the visible trends of the past years. When delivering to private and commercial customers, bikes from Citkar, Onomotion, Mubea or EAV, for example, now take over the final stretch in Germany’s inner cities for numerous well-known logistics companies. With their appearance, they look more like cars than bicycles. This continues inside the vehicle with steering wheels, seats with backrests or serial drives with generators and motors.

Lots of bicycle genes

On the new Rytle MovR3, on the other hand, you retain the classic bicycle feeling. At least partially. The hands rest on a bicycle handlebar. From the handlebars, you can operate as usual with typical bicycle brake levers and gear levers. You sit on a standard bicycle saddle, while a suspension parallelogram seatpost dampens as many road bumps as possible.

Already the predecessor, the MovR, was a cargo bike, under whose large shell the idea of a bicycle very much shone through. Rytle has not abandoned this idea now. Rather, the manufacturer has refined both sides of the MovR’s character. According to reports, many of the previous users pleaded for access to the cabin from both sides. Previously, this was only provided on one side, either on the left or right.

More modern appearance

Entering the MovR3 is almost like walking through an archway. On the sides, the revised body made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic forms large, round openings. The circle is also found in the rear wall as a window. Due to the flowing lines, the redesigned front emanates significantly more dynamism.

In the rear area, the design is still subordinate to the standard Euro pallet size in the loading bay. However, Rytle has made it much easier to dock the cargo box in the loading bay. From now on, the Rytle interchangeable box can be driven over an electric pallet fork. Like a lift, this fork elevates the box into the right position. No more sweaty cranking as with the predecessor.

Pallet fork for carrying the cargo box on the Rytle MovR3 e-cargo bike

With the help of a motor, the pallet fork can be conveniently operated.

Rytle has also changed a few details on the box itself. It can now hold 1.8 cubic metres of goods. Together with the pallet fork, the maximum load is 257 kilograms. With a payload of up to 30 kilograms in the rider’s cabin and the additional weight of the riders, this e-cargo bike is approved for a maximum of 373 kilograms. Minor downside of the update: In width, the MovR3 grows by ten centimetres to 130 centimetres. This means that as a multi-track cargo bike it can still be ridden on German cycle paths without any problems. In practice, however, it could become narrower in some places.

Riding longer and more relaxed

In addition to the more static side of the bicycle, its dynamic side has also evolved. For example, the front wheel fits now into a double-suspension front axle fork. The Rytle engineers designed this themselves. The wheels are models from the motorbike industry, which are supposed to provide additional stability. The new wheels also feature Magura’s Big hydraulic double-disc brakes.

Suspension front axle fork on the Rytle MovR3 e-cargo bike

More comfortable on the road in future with the suspended front axle fork.

Rytle, on the other hand, has remained faithful to its choice of motor and drive concept. The hubs of the two rear wheels each have a motor from Heinzmann with the usual 250 watts of continuous power. Bicycle chains continue to lead from the pedals of the riders to the two wheels. As the magazine “Vision mobility” reports, the change to a serial drive system could also be imminent at some point. However, since the new model has only just been presented, it will probably take some time until then.

The number of battery slots has increased from two to four. They are located in the rider’s cabin at the bottom of the rear wall. Especially for commercial use, this increase in range is a decisive factor. Exactly this clientele will probably also be pleased with the new rear-view mirrors. Not only are they larger than before, but they are also equipped with turn signals and a warning LED that draws attention to vehicles approaching from behind. For the people who ride a MovR3 and transport goods all over the place, this extra road safety means a little less stress in a job that is already very tiring.

Headlight and rear view mirror with indicators on the Rytle MovR3 e-cargo bike

Excellent all-round visibility and very good visible itself – the Rytle MovR3.


Pictures: Rytle GmbH

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