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Bosch eBike speed sensor

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Original Bosch speed sensor for e-bikes. The speed sensor on the e-bike is essential for... more

Original Bosch speed sensor for e-bikes. The speed sensor on the e-bike is essential for proper operation. Its mode of operation is comparable to that of an ordinary bicycle speedometer. The Bosch drive system always calculates the appropriate support from the data obtained. Therefore, replace a damaged or defective speed sensor promptly.

Features of the Bosch e-bike speed sensor

  • Speed sensor for e-bikes
  • for all Bosch drives from 2010 except Smart System
  • In different lengths from 415mm to 1610mm
  • original spare part
  • 100% accurate fit

Bosch speed sensor compatibility

The speed sensor has been installed since the first generation of Bosch e-bike motors and can be found in all Bosch e-bikes up to generation two. Also in the following two drive generations, from 2018 and 2020, this speed sensor was installed. In addition, however, a new Bosch speed sensor Slim, Speedsensor (BDU3xx, BDU4xx) was also developed and installed. For the model year 2022, there is also a new Bosch speed sensor Slim for Smart System. Therefore, when ordering, be sure to pay attention to the model year of your e-bike and compare the different product images. If you are unsure, our customer service will be happy to help you.

Installation of the Bosch speed sensor in your e-bike

To replace the speed sensor on your e-bike with Classic Line motor, you must first remove the stone guard. This is attached to the motor housing with three screws. For Active and Performance motors, it is necessary to loosen the crank for the change using a crank puller. Then remove the screws of the design cover on the engine housing and carefully remove the left side. Now the connector of the speed sensor should be exposed in both cases. Now carefully pull out the connector with needle-nose pliers. Be sure to avoid pulling directly on the cable. Now mount your new Bosch speed sensor in reverse order.

Note: If you have any questions or uncertainties about installation and compatibility, please contact our customer service.

Bosch System: Bosch Active Line Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Active Line Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Active Line Plus Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Cargo Line Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Cargo Line Speed Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Classic Plus Line, Bosch Performance Line CX Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Performance Line Speed Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line Speed Gen4 (BDU4XX)
Drive system: Bosch drive
Manufacturer: Bosch
Item: Bosch E-Bike speed sensor drive unit
Scope of delivery: 1x speed sensor
Compatibility: all eBikes with Bosch Classic, Active, Performance, CX
Incompatibility: not for Bosch Smart System motor
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