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Bosch XLC eBike chainring - Classic

Bosch XLC E-Bike chainring 38 teeth
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Option Chainring:

The Bosch e-bike 38 teeth chainring for electric bike models with Bosch Classic-Line mid-motor.... more

The Bosch e-bike 38 teeth chainring for electric bike models with Bosch Classic-Line mid-motor.

What do I need the Bosch chainring 38 teeth - Classic?

  • The 38 teeth chainring offered here is supplied together with a chain guard ring and replaces e.g. a worn chainring.
  • The chain guard ring and the chainring are bolted together with the Bosch Spider and offer the chain a secure guide.

Why is there no original Bosch Classic chainring?

  • When the Bosch Classic system was first launched, Bosch did not offer its own chainrings.
  • We hereby offer you a replacement part for all eBikes with Bosch Classic motor in original equipment quality.
  • The choice of chainring is subject to the respective bicycle manufacturer or user.
  • The bicycle industry requires different chainrings for different uses (e.g. hub gears, derailleur gears).

How long does a chainring last on an electric bike?

  • Depending on the area of application and riding behavior, a chainring lasts for different lengths of time.
  • A durability between hundreds and several thousand kilometers is largely determined by the use and wear of the chain.
  • Unfortunately, there is no fixed guideline value, since every eBiker uses or loads his electric bike differently.
  • The more a drive is loaded, the faster it wears out.

Why does the chain crack when pedaling an electric bike?

  • Cracking often indicates at least one faulty sprocket-chain component.
  • Possibly only a part of the wear components was replaced last. In this case, the other "components that last looked good should also be replaced".


Bosch System: Bosch Classic Plus Line
Drive system: Bosch drive
Manufacturer: Bosch
Item: Bosch E-Bike chainring
Scope of delivery: 1x XLC chainring 38 teeth incl. chain guard ring and chainring bolts
Manufacturer: XLC
Colour: black
Compatibility: all Bosch Classic ebikes
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