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Bosch Y-cable eShift luggage carrier

Bosch Y-cable eShift PowerPack Rack
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  • E-1251-001
  • 1270016508
  • 4047026050370

Option Length - Luggage carrier battery:

The Bosch eShift Y-cable is used for power supply and CAN-BUS transmission of Shimano, Nuvinci... more

The Bosch eShift Y-cable is used for power supply and CAN-BUS transmission of Shimano, Nuvinci H|Sny and SRAM. With the help of the Y-cable, electronic shifting is possible on an e-bike. The circuit communicates with the Bosch components via a CAN-BUS.

eShift in combination with Shimano

Shimano implements automatic shifting with the Di2 solution in conjunction with the Alfine hub (8 or 11 speeds) as well as the Nexus 8 gear hub. In this case, the combination of Bosch and Shimano is designed for comfort. If the e-bike comes to rest, the system automatically shifts to a predefined starting gear ("Auto DownShift).

eShift in combination with NuVinci

Nuvinci enables stepless automatic shifting. The desired cadence and the NuVinci shifting automatically enters the optimal gear ratio. A higher range is thus possible. With preset gears, manual electronic shifting is also possible.

eShift in combination with SRAM

The combination of eShift and DD3 Pulse from SRAM is a speed-dependent shifting system. It is based on a combination of derailleur and 3-speed hub gears. Thus, a wide range of transmission ratios is guaranteed. When stopped, the SRAM DD3 Pulse automatically shifts back to first gear. E-bike riders thus start easily and efficiently.

With which Bosch products is the Bosch eShift Y-cable compatible?

  • Active Line
  • Active Line Plus
  • Performance Line
  • Performance Line CX

The different lengths of the Y-cable are available for rack and frame batteries.

Bosch System: Bosch Active Line 2014 - 2017, Bosch Active Line 2018 - 2023, Bosch Active Line Plus 2018 - 2023, Bosch Cargo Line 2020 - 2022, Bosch Cargo Line Speed from 2020, Bosch Performance Line 2014 - 2018, Bosch Performance Line 2018 - 2023, Bosch Performance Line CX 2016 - 20019, Bosch Performance Line CX 2020 - 2022, Bosch Performance Line Speed 2014 - 2020, Bosch Performance Line Speed 2020 - 2022
Drive system: Bosch drive
Manufacturer: Bosch
Battery position: Rack battery
Item: Bosch eShift Y-cable luggage carrier battery
Bosch E-Bike System: Bosch E-Bike System 2
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