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Busch & Müller LEVAL e-bike curve light assistant

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  • 7400
  • 365CLA
  • 4006021013902

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The Busch + Müller curve light assistant LEVAL provides even more safety and riding... more

The Busch + Müller curve light assistant LEVAL provides even more safety and riding comfort on your e-bike. The patented adapter guarantees a perfectly illuminated road in any riding position. For this purpose, the electronic headlight holder LEVAL efficiently compensates for inclined positions and steering movements. The light edge thus always moves gently along the horizon.

Features of the LEVAL curve light from Busch + Müller

  • Adaptive headlight for e-bikes
  • Simple mounting on fork crown or handlebar
  • No adjustment - thanks to self-learning electronics
  • Automatic switch-off in case of malfunction
  • On/off slide switch
  • Connection to light cable with 5-15V DC voltage
  • Compatible with many headlights

LEVAL - The bending light for e-bikes

The light cone of your e-bike front light wanders gently and quietly over the asphalt. The LEVAL bending light with seven ball bearings makes it possible. Best visibility in the dark and at dusk is thus guaranteed. Especially on dimly lit and curvy roads, riding with the LEVAL front light adapter is a highlight. Thereby you are not only able to see your route better, but are also noticed more clearly by other road users. This makes the Busch + Müller LEVAL bending light adapter a safety plus in all aspects.

Mounting the Busch + Müller curve light LEVAL

Connecting and mounting the LEVAL is particularly easy. The curve light adapter is simply connected between the headlight and the e-bike. The installation can be done either on the fork crown or the handlebar. Here it also does not matter whether you attach the bending light assistant vertically or suspended. The self-learning electronics adjusts itself after the first curves and is then always perfectly adjusted. If there is a malfunction during operation, the LEVAL curve light assistant switches off automatically. In this case, however, the adapter still functions as a conventional headlight mount.

Compatibility of the LEVAL curve light

To use the adaptive curve light from Busch + Müller you need an e-bike with 5-15V light connection. The electronic LEVAL light holder is connected to this. On the holder itself, you can then use headlights from different manufacturers. Optimal fit is the holder for Busch + Müller e-bike headlights. But also front lights from Supernova, Litemove or Lupine work on the LEVAL. Spacers may be needed for mounting. The headlight is not compatible with particularly large and heavy headlights. From the Busch & Müller range, this only applies to the IQ-XL (approx. 250g). Please also note the enclosed operating instructions. 

If you have any questions regarding compatibilty or availability, do not hesitate to contact us.

Manufacturer: Busch & Müller
Power source: eBike battery
Light mounting position: Fork, Handlebar
Supply voltage : 6 V, 12 V, < 6 V, > 12 V
Max. power consumption: up to 3 W
Item: B&M LEVAL e-bike curve light assistant
Colour: black
Compatibility: for front headlights from Busch + Müller and numerous other manufacturers
Incompatibility: Busch & Mülle IQ-XL (250g) | particularly large & heavy headlights from other manufacturers
Maker's ref. no.: 365CLA
Functions: Adaptive bending light through automatic rotation and tilting of the lamp holder
Mounting: Either on the e-bike handlebar or on the fork crown | hanging or standing
Max. power: 3 W
Operating voltage: 6 - 15 V
EAN: 4006021013902
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