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Kettenwixe duraglide e-bike - 50 ml

Kettenwixe Duraglide - 50 ml
Content: 50 Milliliter (139.00€   / 1000 Milliliter)

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For the best care of your e-bike chain, a new noble blend of fully synthetic and mineral oil... more

For the best care of your e-bike chain, a new noble blend of fully synthetic and mineral oil with solids has been developed - Kettenwixe duraglide. After application, a pressure-resistant lubricating film forms. This lubricating film lasts longer than conventional chain oils. In addition, dirt binding on the chain is minimised.

Why is Kettenwixe duraglide ideal for my e-bike chain?

Long-term lubrication

The components of Kettenwixe bond with the metal surface of the chain. In addition, the viscosity is precisely adjusted so that the active ingredients that have not yet bonded distribute themselves inside the chain and are redistributed in the course of movement. A "self-lubricating effect" is achieved with this process. With this effect, very long relubrication intervals are possible:

  • after 100 - 150 km under heavy off-road conditions
  • after approx. 400 km under optimal conditions such as on roads.

Tip: The chain oil is suitable for all weather conditions

Minimal wear

The duraglide chain oil has a particularly high pressure resistance of the sliding film. This result was confirmed by a wear test conducted by Reichert. In this test, Kettenwixe achieved a friction wear value of 1250 kp/cm². In comparison, the same product from another supplier has a value of 1000kp/cm². Chainwixe from duraglide enables minimal wear in the inner surface of the chain.

Minimal dirt adhesion

The active ingredients of Kettenwixe are resistant to degradation, so little dirt remains on the chain, which in turn minimises wear. The chain oil is neither tough nor sticky. This makes Kettenwixe an "all-condition" chain oil with low dirt retention - ideal for careful chain care.

Note: duraglide Kettenwixe is made in Germany.

Instructions for use

1. clean the chain
2. shake bottle well
3. apply a thin layer of Kettenwixe between chain roller and outer plate
4. turn the chain
5. leave to act for 5 minutes
6. wipe off excess oil

Manufacturer: duroglide
Item: Kettenwixe Duraglide - 50 ml - synthetic/ mineral oil
Manufacturer: Kettenwixe
Volume: 50 ml
Maker's ref. no.: Kettenwixe Duraglide e-bike - 50 ml
Type: Synthetic/ mineral oil
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