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Lupine SL X E-Bike Headlight

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Handlebar Diameter:

Drive system:

Lupine SL X - Maximum brightness and a plus in safety Lupine expands its family of electric... more

Lupine SL X - Maximum brightness and a plus in safety

Lupine expands its family of electric bike front lights with the Lupine SL X.

An incredible light output of 1800 lumens, a range of 290 m and a robust housing that is waterproof to a depth of 2 m make this electric bike front light one of the most powerful on the market. The Lupine SL X front light is approved for electric bikes with Bosch, Bosch Smart System BES 3, Brose or Shimano motors up to 25 km/h

Safety in road traffic guaranteed

The new Lupine SL-X offers a high level of safety both during day and at night. The daytime running light consisting of 6 laterally arranged LEDs has a particularly striking design and is thus very well perceived by all road users. In low beam mode, three additional Osram Automotive LEDs in the main headlamp light up without dazzling oncoming traffic.

Features of the Lupine SL X

  • 1800 lumens
  • 24 W power
  • 3x Osram Compact PL LED, 6x Osram Compact CL LED
  • Fresnel Lens Reflector System
  • Sensor controlled light management
  • Wired remote control
  • Aluminum housing (45x84x48mm)
  • Impact resistant and waterproof according to IP68
  • for e-bikes with Bosch, Bosch Smart System (BES3), Brose or Shimano drivetrain

Floodlight required?

If you switch to high beam, the LEDs of the main headlight are switched to the maximum and at the same time the daytime running light switches on with significantly increased power. This also increases the range and creates a better close-range illumination with which you can easily master fast descents and root passages even in the dark. A day-bright light beam of 1800 lumens will guide you through the trail.

Simple, ergonomic and intelligent operation

Low and high beam are switched by means of a wired remote control which is mounted ergonomically close to the handle. Green or blue illuminated symbols on the button inform you about the switched mode. In addition, the headlight has a sensor-controlled automatic mode, which switches in time between daytime running light and low beam.


The Lupine SL X front light can only be mounted with a simple metal holder from the Lupine range and cannot be mounted on Bosch central displays (Intuvia/Nyon). The headlight is connected directly to the motor by a cable. The 9 LEDs have a maximum power of 24W. The new Lupine SL-X bike light is of course shockproof and waterproof according to IP68, in a robust aluminum housing.


Bosch System: Bosch Active Line Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Active Line Plus Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Cargo Line Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 Smart System (BES3), Bosch Performance Line Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen3 Smart System (BES3)
Shimano System: Shimano E6000, Shimano E8000, Shimano Steps E5000, Shimano Steps E6100, Shimano Steps E7000 (E-MTB), Shimano Steps EP8
Brose System: Brose Drive S Mag
High beam: High beam
Yamaha System: Yamaha PW-X3
Giant SyncDrive System: Giant SyncDrive Pro, Giant SyncDrive Pro2
Panasonic System: Panasonic GX Ultimate Pro FIT , Panasonic M-Motor GX0 Singlespeed 36 Volt MTB
Continental System: Continental 48 V Prime
Power source: eBike battery
Manufacturer: Lupine
Drive system: Bosch drive, Brose drive, Shimano drive
Weight: 170 g
Scope of delivery: 1x Lupine SL X headlight with holder (31.8 mm), wired remote control, light cable set with plug connection, screw with 2x O-ring (black), filler plug
Measurements: 45 x 85 x 48 mm
Operating voltage: 6 or 12 Volt
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