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Rohloff E-14 shifter

Rohloff Rohloff E-14 shifter
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New standards for shifting eBikes - the Rohloff E-14 With the Rohloff E-14 handlebar shifter... more

New standards for shifting eBikes - the Rohloff E-14

With the Rohloff E-14 handlebar shifter you operate the shifting unit at the push of a button. Compatible with handlebar diameters from 22 to 22.3 mm, it is recommended to mount it on the right side between the grip and the brake lever to get an ergonomically favourable position for the thumb. The mounting is stable with an aluminium clamp. The connection to the DC/DC-CAN converter is made via a cable with a Higo plug.

The new electronic Rohloff E-14 offers unique performance, intelligent, lightning-fast and comfortable shifting like no other, plus the legendary Rohloff quality. Combined with the Bosch eShift function, a complete system has been developed that more than meets the demands of touring and city riders as well as extreme athletes. Thanks to the faultless shifting unit, every shifting operation will run smoothly in the future!

One press of the button and the drive takes the load from the system and the Rohloff E-14 shifts. Hold the button down and the E-14 shifts all 14 gears in a quick sequence of 3 (Multi-Shift). And when the bike stops at traffic lights, it automatically shifts back to the starting gear (Auto-Downshift). The most efficient and durable gearstick for all eBikes with a mid-motor.


  • Gear indicator
  • Single-/Multi-Shift
  • High-performance
  • Synchronisation of drive and gearstick
  • Gear change in only 180ms
  • Auto-Downshift
  • Settings and updates par App
  • Compatible with every Speedhub 500/14 manufactured to date

The E-14 does not shy away from torque

Of course, Rohloff takes as a basis its SPEEDHUB 500/14 rear hub with its 14 gears and 526% efficiency, proven and reliable for 20 years - more is not possible with gear hubs. In eBike use, too, it turned out that this hub is the only durable option for mid-mounted motors, which makes it the ideal choice even for S-pedelecs with the most powerful motors.An electronic system, consisting of the shift unit on the handlebar and the shift control unit on the hub, takes over the shift control, coordinates the ideal time to change gear with the drive system and then engages the selected gear in an unbelievable 180 ms or 0.18 sec. The result: a velvety smooth gear change!

The E-14 system has a wireless connection so that updates and settings can be made in the future. The system can also be accessed via an app.

Bosch as the perfect partner

The Bosch displays Intuvia, Nyon and Kiox show the gear change or permanently the engaged gear, depending on the setting.

The Bosch eBike system synchronises with the Rohloff E-14. You can feel the impressive advantage of this with a light press on the shift button - the next gear is engaged as smooth as velvet. The secret behind it: The moment you trigger the gear change, the Bosch system takes load from the drivetrain for a tiny moment and in a rapid 180 ms the new gear is engaged by the E14. No other gearstick is currently faster.

The Rohloff E-14 achieves even more shifting comfort via Multi-Shift. This makes it possible to shift up and down 3 gears in one sequence. Finally, Auto-Downshift: When stopping at traffic lights, the Bosch eBike system communicates with the Rohloff E-14 and automatically downshifts to an individually selectable starting gear.

Another advantage of this combination of Rohloff E-14 and Bosch is the increase in range and the resulting reduced number of charging cycles.

Currently, the Rohloff E-14 cannot be retrofitted. Currently, the Rohloff E-14 electronic shift control is only available on new eBikes with Bosch drive systems. These include Active Line and Active Line Plus as well as Performance Line and Performance Line CX as well as Bosch Gen 4 in combination with the displays Intuvia, Nyon and Kiox. There is currently no compatibility with other eBike systems (e.g. Brose, Shimano STEPS, Yamaha, Panasonic, etc.).

The conversion of an eBike with Bosch system with mechanically shifted Speedhub or other shifting systems requires a reprogramming of the motor control, which is currently not possible.

Converting a bike without an e-drive is also currently not possible, as the E-14 power supply is provided via the eBike system.

Manufacturer: Rohloff
Item: E-14 switch
Scope of delivery: 1 x Rohloff E-14 handlebar push button incl. connection cable (Higo, 4-pin, blue)
Compatibility: Rohloff E-14
Maker's ref. no.: 8801
Diameter: inside - 22 mm to 22.3 mm
Mounting side: Ideally on the right-hand side of the handlebar between the grip and the brake lever.
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