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Supernova M99 PRO LED Headlight for S-Pedelecs

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  • E-3043
  • P-M99-E32-BLK
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Auto Light for S- Pedelecs: The Supernova headlamp M99 PRO offers a high beam function with up... more

Auto Light for S- Pedelecs: The Supernova headlamp M99 PRO offers a high beam function with up to 380 Lux.

The M99 PRO is the first eBike headlamp with genuine high beam function. The high beam of the M99 PRO provides powerful 1600 Lumen and illuminates up to 380 meters. Bright as a car headlamp, the LED headlamp for speed pedelecs illuminates the surroundings even above the glare horizon. So you can drive with your Speed Pedelec at night as fast as during the day. The extremely bright headlight increases the reaction margin for fast eBike rides in the dark.

The speeds of Speed Pedelecs are often underestimated by motorists. The Supernova M99 PRO spotlight guarantees equal safety for fast eBikes. Thanks to the light and striking daylight function of the M99 PRO headlamp, you will be noticed more quickly and respected as a fully-fledged road user. The daytime running light consumes only 4.5 W and is therefore very efficient. The Supernova M99 PRO headlamp with automotive daytime running light is ECE-compliant and complies with current legal regulations.

The ambient light sensor of the M99 PRO headlamp automatically switches to dipped beam at dusk. The 310 lux ECE-approved dipped-beam headlamp is extremely bright and offers maximum safety. The M99 PRO headlamp for speed pedelecs features 9 intelligently controllable automotive LEDs. With the help of 99 mirror surfaces, the light of the LEDs can be reflected accurately. As a result, the Supernova M99 PRO headlamp can reach up to 360 lux in the brightest point and exceeds the legal lighting requirements by up to 80%.

The high quality housing of the M99 PRO headlamp for speed pedelecs is made of one piece of aluminium. Due to the cooling fin structure of the headlamp, the heat of the LEDs is optimally transported away and thus power losses are avoided. The Automative LED matrix of the M99 PRO headlamps can only achieve full power with a advanced cooling system. Supernova invested a lot of development time in the M99 series. Only through extensive heat simulations and a well thought-out choice of materials can LEDs work with the best possible efficiency. The intensive 3-year development time has paid off: The M99 PRO headlamp has been awarded the Eurobike Award and the Design & Innovation Award.

Differences between Supernova M99 Pro and M99 Pure

Unlike the "smaller models" from the M99 series, the Supernova M99 Pro offers a high beam function with an output of 1600 lumens. In addition, the electronics of the M99 Pro can communicate with the eBike system. With an existing communication connection, intelligent energy-saving modes can be activated. In the flexible ECO mode, up to 70% energy can be saved.

The following systems are compatible with the M99 Pro

All Bosch motors from 2014

Mounting instructions

The assembly of the M99 Pro is explained comprehensibly and completely in the enclosed, illustrated instructions. The connection is made directly to the Bosch wiring harness using the enclosed connection accessories.

Note: A complete compatibility list to the popular drives can be found here.

Note: should you have any questions regarding compatibility or availability, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Bosch System: Bosch Active Line Plus 2018 - 2023, Bosch Cargo Line 2020 - 2022, Bosch Cargo Line Speed from 2020, Bosch Performance Line 2014 - 2018, Bosch Performance Line 2018 - 2023, Bosch Performance Line CX 2016 - 20019, Bosch Performance Line CX 2020 - 2022, Bosch Performance Line Speed 2014 - 2020
Manufacturer: Supernova
Light mounting position: Fork, Handlebar
High beam: High beam
Supply voltage : up to 42 Volts, up to 60 Volts
Taillight connector: No
Power source: eBike battery
Drive system: Bosch drive, Panasonic drive
Lighting: 9 Automotive LEDs
Weight: 220 g
Item: Supernova M99 PLUS LED Headlight Speed-Pedelecs 45 km/h
Scope of delivery: 1x spotlight without bracket
Manufacturer: supernova
Colour: black polished
Measurements: (LxHxD) 67x87x57.5 mm
Display: Communication: CAN. CANopen. Lin. RS 232. PWM
Material: CNC milled and anodized aluminium. hardened windshield. anti-reflective coated unbreakable special glass. IP67 waterproof
Variants: PLUS 45 km/h
Operating voltage: 24-60 Volt (75 V max.)
Daytime running lights: 4.5 Watt
Dim light: 8 - 16 Watt
Light output dim light: 1100 lumens. 310 Lux
High beam light output: 1600 lumens. 380 Lux
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