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Supernova V1260 E-25 Headlight

Supernova V1260 - 25
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  • 3544
  • L-STK-EB1260R-BLK
  • 4260224790439

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The all-rounder It is not without good reason that Supernova products are repeatedly honoured... more

The all-rounder

It is not without good reason that Supernova products are repeatedly honoured with renowned awards. Through years of experience and development work, Supernova constantly produces innovations - milestones in bicycle lighting.

The small, lightweight and StVZO (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations) approved V1260 headlight is one of these products - with 235 lumens one of the brightest pedelec headlights! The integrated daytime running light and the Supernova logo shining on the side guarantee that you will be noticed by other road users even in adverse conditions. The elegant all-rounder works with a voltage of 12-60 V and can therefore be connected to almost any eBike. It also comes with a special connection for Supernova tail lights, such as the E3 Tail Light. The headlight is operated either via the control unit of the eBike or via a button on the headlight itself.


  • 235 lm
  • Supply voltage - 12 - 60 V DC (max.75 V)
  • Terraflux lens
  • Power LED
  • integrated rear light connection 6V
  • Dimensions - 69 x 40 x 40 mm (L x W x H)
  • Material - 6061 aluminium
  • Weight - 130 g without holder
  • Mechanical switch
  • Bright side safety light!
  • Optimised for permanent daytime running light
  • Cable length - 1600 mm (drive), 1050 (rear light)


Terraflux lens and daytime running light
The Terraflux lens is a milestone in optical development. No other lens of this Size produces such a bright and even illumination on the road and at the same time has such a good ambient illumination above the cut-off line. With the Terraflux lens, you are noticed in traffic and yet do not dazzle oncoming traffic. Thanks to sophisticated light control, the Terraflux lens directs 90% of the light to where it is needed most: onto the road. There it forms a wide and even carpet of light that reaches from the front wheel far into the distance. The permanent daytime running light calculated into the lens ensures very good visibility of the driver in traffic during the day. At night, this light component is used for excellent ambient illumination and warns of low-hanging branches on the trail.

Optical precision
The German-made Terraflux lenses and M99 Matrix reflectors are products of years of research and development - true masterpieces of engineering! The quality of a headlamp stands or falls with the quality of its optical elements. That's why we invest a lot in perfecting these key components. Our developers meticulously evaluate thousands of computer simulations to create optical systems with the best possible light pattern. Only high-purity materials are used in production and the final quality is controlled with microscopic precision.

Tested beyond the norm
"With us, you can be sure that you will reach your destination safely. Our light systems will not let you down, whether in everyday life or in extraordinary situations. To do this, we go beyond the standard tests that are common in the cycling industry and simulate even the most adverse conditions so that you can always count on your Supernova product, no matter how, where or when. Every year we develop more demanding and tougher tests to make our products even more robust. The bottom line is that our lighting systems are not only powerful, efficient and high quality."

The topic of sustainability is one of the most important pillars of our company. Protecting the environment is very close to our hearts. Our core values are based on this and are an integral part of everything we do. We strive to make today's earth and that of our children a better and cleaner place. By trying to encourage people to cycle and by making it more attractive and safer through our products, we want to promote sustainability and contribute to a better future. Our goal is to inspire our colleagues, friends, customers and business partners to follow our example. It is also important to be creative and realise every optimisation. Every contribution counts!"

Note: You can find a complete compatibility list for the popular drives here.

Bosch System: Bosch Active Line Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Active Line Plus Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Cargo Line Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Cargo Line Speed Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Performance Line Speed Gen2 (BDU2XX)
Manufacturer: Supernova
Supply voltage : up to 12 Volts, up to 42 Volts, up to 60 Volts
Continental System: Continental 48 V Prime, Continental 48 V Revolution
Shimano System: Shimano Steps E5000, Shimano Steps E6100, Shimano Steps E7000 (E-MTB)
Taillight connector: No
Flyon / TQ System: FlyOn HP120S 48 Volt
Power source: eBike battery
Panasonic System: Panasonic Motor central Deluxe 36 V, Panasonic Motor central Premium 26 V
Drive system: BionX drive, Bosch drive, Brose drive, Continental drive, FlyOn drive, Panasonic drive, Shimano drive
Item: Supernova V1260 E-25
Scope of delivery: 1 Supernova V1260 E-25 headlight incl. Multimount TS, connection cable 1600mm and rear light cable 1050mm
Manufacturer: Supernova
Colour: black matt
Measurements: L x W x H: 69 x 40 x 40 mm
Specifications: Low beam, daytime running light, side safety light, connection for rear light
Maker's ref. no.: L-STK-EB1260R-BLK
Material: Aluminium 6061
Voltage: 12V - 60V DC
Light output: 235 lumen
Dim light: 6 W
Item weight: approx. 130 g without holder
EAN: 4260224790439
Light sources: Power LED
Lens type: Terraflux 2
StVZO approval: for pedelecs up to 25 km/h (K-number)
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