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Diamant 365 ebike for the 2023 season

With the Urban 365 Ebike Diamant Relies on a New Drive System

In terms of appearance, bicycles with electric assistance are looking more and more like their counterparts without motorisation. At the last Eurobike in Frankfurt, this trend was unmistakable – across almost all bicycle types. Diamant is now bringing an example of this to the market, even though the manufacturer did not have its own stand at the world’s largest trade fair. Perhaps it has invested time and money in its new urban ebike instead.

A year consists of 365 days. On all these days, Diamant’s novelty wants to encourage you to ride your bike. That’ s why it is just called that: 365. More remarkable than the name, however, is the fact that this bike could easily pass for an ordinary sporty city bike. In fact, that’s what it is. Except for the e-drive.

Drive a joint project

This, however, deserves a closer look. After all, it is a system that is still quite unknown in Europe. It comes from the Taiwanese manufacturer Hyena. At least in its original form. Diamant and Trek have developed it further according to their own ideas and created something entirely their own. Accordingly, Diamant confidently promises “the best and most natural riding experience of all lightweight ebikes”. Well, which manufacturer doesn’t?

The system features a motor installed in the rear wheel hub, a battery permanently integrated in the down tube and a control unit on the handlebars. Diamant refers to the motor on the new 365 as the Hyena G2. Behind the abbreviation is the fact that the Trek Bicycle Corporation, to which the Diamant brand also belongs, is already using the second generation of the unit. The first generation of the motor has been powering bicycles from Electra, also a brand under the Trek umbrella, for a year. According to Diamant, the motor has proven itself there. The revised version is said to offer a more natural riding experience and allow for a longer range.

Diamant 365 ebike for the 2023 season
Premiere for season 2023: the Diamant 365

Technically convincing

The specifications suggest that it could be on par with comparable drives from Mahle, FSA or Maxon. The torque of 40 Newton metres and the weight of less than two kilograms certainly speak for this. Just like the limitation to only three support levels. There is also a setting in which you deactivate the drive and pedal without any motor power. With a total weight of the ebikes of around 18 kilograms, this should be quite feasible.

To prevent the scales from showing more, Diamant has permanently integrated the battery. This reduces the frame’s weight and increases its resistance to torsional forces. The competitors already mentioned also rely on this solution. The capacity of 250 watt hours is usually sufficient for a maximum of 60 kilometres. As you know, this always depends on a number of factors such as temperature, air pressure, the profile of the route, the riding style and the like. Diamant assumes that you ride at a steady pace in the city, avoid aggressive traffic light sprints and make do with a low level of support.

Diamant 365 ebike charging port
Diamant 365 charging port

Do you want an add-on?

Additional flexibility is opened up by the optional additional battery. The manufacturer provides a range extender with a capacity of another 250 watt hours. Its exterior resembles a water bottle. However, it requires its own bracket that can be attached to the mountings for the bottle cage and does not fit into a conventional bottle cage. If that doesn’t bother you, you can double the range to 120 kilometres in one go.

Diamant 365 ebike range extender battery
Diamant 365 range extender

Conspicuously inconspicuous

One reason for the increased risk of confusion with a bike without e-drive is the absence of a display. Diamant reckons that many people now prefer to use an app on their smartphone for such purposes. Especially since the app can develop more flexibly than a fixed display. Consequently, on the bike itself, the system is operated via a small remote on the handlebars. This is kept simple. Two large buttons with plus and minus, a smaller one for switching on and off, and two rows of five and three LEDs respectively. That’s it. The first row of LEDs shows you the battery status in steps of 20 percent. The second row indicates the currently chosen riding mode.

Diamant 365 ebike control unit
Diamant 365 control unit

If you want to see and know more, you can find the relevant information in the Hyena Rider Assistant app. It is available free of charge for Android and iPhone in the respective online stores. There you will notice that the riding modes have not been given names, but are simply called L1, L2 and L3. The usual ride data and statistics can be called up in the app. If you are planning a route, you can also see whether there is enough power left in the battery. In addition, a few settings of the ebike system can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Inexpensive overall package

Diamant has created two models of the 365 with different equipment. Both are based on an aluminium frame on which the cables are routed internally and which is available as a trapezoidal frame in addition to the classic Diamant frame. They also have mudguards, lights and a side stand as standard. The derailleur on the cheaper model only has nine gears. In return, the price is a very attractive 2,449 euros. For 200 euros more, the slightly more expensive model with the suffix “Deluxe” includes a higher-quality gear system with ten gears and a rear carrier.

Both the Diamant 365 and the Diamant 365 Deluxe are available now.

Diamant 365 ebike with trapezoid frame
Diamant 365 with trapezoid frame in the colour aventurine red metallic
Diamant 365 Deluxe ebike with trapezoid frame
Diamant 365 Deluxe with trapezoid frame in the colour oxide green metallic
Diamant 365 ebike with diamant frame
Diamant 365 with diamant frame in the colour deep black
Diamant 365 Deluxe ebike with diamant frame
Diamant 365 Deluxe with diamant frame in the colour oxide green metallic

Diamant 365 of the 2023 season at a glance

  • Variants: Diamant 365, Diamant 365 Deluxe
  • Motor: Hyena G2
  • Battery: Hyena In-Tube battery, 250 Wh, Range Extender compatible
  • Control unit: Bluetooth display
  • Fork: rigid
  • Drivetrain: Shimano Deore, Shimano Altus
  • Brakes: Shimano MT200
  • Maximum permitted total weight: 136 kg
  • Price: from 2,449 euros

Pictures: Diamant Fahrradwerke GmbH

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