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Mahle System X35+ Ebike Drive: Just Don’t Draw Attention

Mahle X35+ ebike drive system

Mahle is presenting the next generation of its drive system for ebikes just in time for the new 2021 model year. What used to be called “ebikemotion X35” has now been boiled down to “System X35+”. Apart from the slight name change, the manufacturer from Stuttgart remains true to itself. Its drive should first and foremost be unobtrusive, slim and light.

The X35+ system fulfils this requirement completely. The motor with the designation HUB Drive M1 for the rear wheel hub, the intube battery and the control units together weigh only 3.5 kilograms. By comparison, the recently introduced fourth-generation Bosch Performance CX mid-mounted motor and a matching Bosch PowerTube 625 easily weigh twice as much together.

Components of the Mahle X35+ ebike drive system

The X35+ ebike drive from Mahle is holistically designed.

Fast and elegant, please

Of course, in terms of power, the Mahle drive with its motor output of 250 watts, the torque of 40 Newton metres and the 245 watt hours of battery capacity cannot hold a candle to the Bosch power. However, that is not what the X35+ wants. This product is aimed at a completely different class of ebikes and thus has a completely different clientele in mind. Mahle is interested in manufacturers who want to integrate a drive system into sporty bikes that don’t look like ebikes at all. For a good reason, the list of Mahle’s cooperation partners mainly includes illustrious names from the racing bike sector: Colnago, Pinarello, Bianchi, Orbea.

The second central group of interested parties are manufacturers like Schindelhauer from Berlin. They produce urban ebikes that appeal to their customers with a design that is strongly influenced by regular bicycles. Classic frame geometries with slim tubes meet batteries hidden invisibly in the frame. The equipment is rather minimalist and prefers the simple operation of the ebike to a complex and deeply structured control system. I’m sure there are some of you who can make friends with this type of bike or have already done so.

Mahle X35+ ebike drive system

On a bicycle with an X35+ from Mahle, you have to look closely to recognise the ebike drive.

Technical characteristics almost the same

It fits into the picture that the battery of the X35+ has 5 watt-hours less than before. By the way, the battery is actually made by Panasonic. As before, the battery is permanently installed in the frame. Consequently, charging must take place directly on the bike. Panasonic also produces the range extender battery with 208 watt hours, which is available on request. Externally, the extender still looks almost like a water bottle. It is shorter than other additional batteries, but not as streamlined. From our point of view, mounting it on the seat tube is the most harmonious solution.

App with new interface

While nothing has changed in terms of the performance data of the motor and battery, there is a real innovation in the app. In future, it will be possible to connect to more mobile devices than before. These include smartwatches, for example. The basis for this is the new ANT+ interface. However, no new functions seem to have been added. The app displays standard values such as distance, speed, pulse and remaining range. The reminder of the next review, the selection of the desired support level, the GPS and the recording of tours based on this were already part of the range of functions before.

App for the Mahle X35+ ebike drive system

The app for the X35+ can be used mobile and on the computer.

Of course, anyone who wants to can still do without the app. To switch the motor assistance on and off and to select the riding mode, a few times pressing the button on the various control units iWoc and iWoc TRIO for the handlebars and iWoc ONE on the frame is still sufficient.

New housing as a key factor

The most significant achievement of the new X35+ will be noticeable to you at best indirectly. According to several blogs, Mahle has worked most intensively on the motor housing. It is probably more robust than its predecessor. Bicycle manufacturers can now supposedly integrate the hub motor into higher-quality wheels that promise better durability. So it is quite possible that more ebikes with this drive will appear on the market in the near future.

Background: From cars to ebikes

Mahle founded its ebike division ebikemotion four years ago. The Stuttgart-based automotive supplier used its own in-house resources to design the first motors. Power steering motors, which are used in mechatronics for automobiles, turned out to be an excellent starting point for the first prototypes. A few development stages later, the first ebike motor made by Mahle was ready for the market. Today, the company’s product range includes hub and mid-mounted motors. They are part of a holistic OEM package that includes batteries, on-board computers and apps.


Pictures: Mahle GmbH

10 thoughts on “Mahle System X35+ Ebike Drive: Just Don’t Draw Attention”

  1. Robert John Armour

    whilst not exactly mountainous, I managed an 80km very hilly (up/down/up/down route, with 1600 metres of ascent, in Dorset UK, and still had 65% charge left.
    On full power, it really does help you up the steep bits.
    Once you get an idea of how the terrain affects the power usage, you’d be amazed about how far you can go.

    1. I’m considering a Salsa Confluence with a Mahle 35+ drive system. My one concern was whether it had the oomph to help me climb hills. Your comment helped me answer that question! I don’t want a rocket to push me up the hill, I want to downshift and pedal, but for longer climbs my old legs need an assist. Thanks.

  2. I have read so many lovely comments about the Mahle motor in e-racers in flat areas and low hills. But how about steep mountain areas?

    1. Hello Sasja,
      Last autumn we’ve tested the new Platzhirsch Straßenfalke – an e-road bike.
      Unfortunately, the videos are only available in German:
      We could tackle round about 100 kilometres involving some 1,500 metres of elevation. Ok, more than half the way we only rode in eco mode. Nevertheless, this a number you can use for comparison and see, if this would match your needs.
      Cheers, Matthias

  3. HI I had a very early X35 system from Ribble, i hated the way the range extender could only recharge the system battery at rest or cafe stop! Is this still so? I see the X20 system runs the range extender first before the main battery

    1. Hello Alan,
      With the X35 it is just the opposite. First the system runs the main battery followed by the range extender.
      Cheers, Matthias

  4. The Mahle x35 integration with heart rate monitoring on the App is incredible. It monitors my hr (connecting to my Polar HR chest strap) and varies the boost based on my HR. For this 75yr old, it is a game changer. I get a good cardio workout and Mahle irons out the hills.

    1. This is the same same reason I bought the Merida eScultura 400. The HR integration through the pulsometer function is amazing. By selecting your HR target, the Mahle will automatically adjust power to maintain that target based on HR sensor data (Bluetooth chest strap). The higher the HR, the more power the motor applies, lower HR, less power. That is very clever and is certainly making my cardiologist very happy ❤️🙂

  5. I have been a road and gravel bike enthusiast for many years. But the dark clouds surrounded me when I had a heart attack (not on the bike). This called for a new strategy to continue my love of cycling. Now I’m loving the open road and county hills again on my Mahle equiped gravel bike. My cycling friends who are all a little bit younger than me are wanting at go on this exciting return to adventure.

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