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New Duo Remote for Mahle X20: Two Become One

Mahle Duo remote for Mahle X20 ebike system

Mahle has presented a new remote for its X20 drive system. The Mahle Duo is expected to replace the previous Mahle eShifters. At least this is likely to be the case for ebikes with flat handlebars. After all, the manufacturer has developed the control unit precisely for this type of handlebar.

Mahle Duo remote for Mahle X20 ebike system
Duo remote for Mahle X20

A good two years ago, Mahle presented its lightest rear-hub drive, the X20. To date, it features two control units: the X20 iWoc integrated on the top tube and the eShifters. The latter are two remote units that are mounted on the left and right of the handlebars. Each of the eShifters can be used to control different functions of the ebike system. For example, you can switch to the next lower assistance level by a short press on the left button. A short press on the right button takes you back up again.

Mahle eShifter remote for Mahle X20 ebike system
The buttons of the Mahle eShifter are less profiled than the new Duo.

Fully-fledged control centre

This forced interplay is now a thing of the past. With the Duo, Mahle combines the complete functionality of the eShifter in a single unit. There are two buttons on the ring-shaped remote. Each is assigned two functions. A short or long press of the button calls up their respective functions. A short press on the upper button switches to the next higher support level. A long press of the button switches the light on and off. If you want to ride in the next lower assistance level, simply press the lower button briefly. Here, a long press of the button activates the walk assist. The corresponding button on the Duo vibrates briefly to confirm each of your actions. This lets you know that your request has been carried out correctly. Some of you may already be familiar with this from the eShifters.

Illustration of the button assignment on the Mahle Duo remote for the Mahle X20 ebike system

Mahle has not stopped at simplifying the operating concept alone. The manufacturer has also fundamentally revised the design. As a result, both buttons are designed in the form of a hollow in which the imprint of a finger fits. In terms of structure, the surface is reminiscent of a staircase that rises towards the centre. The horizontal grooves of the individual “steps” should provide a good grip in practice.

Close-up of the Mahle Duo remote for the Mahle X20 ebike system
The surface structure of the buttons on the Duo remote is clearly visible in the close-up.

Direct connection to the drive

As with the X20 iWoc and the eShifters, the Duo draws its power directly from the ebike system. This means you don’t need to buy extra cells or regularly recharge separate batteries. Detailed information on compatibility is not yet available. However, there is every indication that the new control unit will fit handlebars with common diameters of 22.2 millimetres. Mahle is also keeping the cost of the Duo and when it will be available to itself at the moment.

Mahle Duo remote for Mahle X20 ebike system

While the Duo now gives ebikes with an X20 drive and classic flat handlebars another option for bike manufacturers when designing their models, the question arises as to what will happen with the control units for road bike handlebars. Mahle strongly emphasises the use of the Duo on flat bars. Perhaps this means that something new and independent can be expected for the drop bar.

Pictures: Mahle Smartbike System

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