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Clubhouse Fort Mini for e-cargo bikes HSD and GSD from Tern

Tern Shows All-Around Weather Protection Options for Little Ones

Among the star performers in Tern’s product range are traditionally the two e-bikes HSD and GSD. At this year’s Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, the manufacturer has just presented new accessories. The main attraction is an all-round weather protection cabin for children.

1. Tern Clubhouse Fort Mini
2. Tern Clubhouse Mini
3. Tern Storm Box Mini
4. Tern Storm Shield Mini
5. Tern Doghouse Mini
6. Tern Soft Crate Mini
7. Tern Dog Roof Mini
8. Tern WeatherTop Bag

1. Tern Clubhouse Fort Mini

Clubhouse Fort Mini is the title of the new product from Tern. The name might sound familiar to some of you. It was only at the end of 2020 that the Clubhouse Fort was released, its larger counterpart with room for two children. Now comes the version for a single child. This combines the advantages of the large Clubhouse Fort – and two additional plus points:

  1. In contrast to the Clubhouse Fort, the Clubhouse Fort Mini with all its components fits both the HSD e-cargo bike and both generations of the GSD.
  2. You don’t have to dig as deep into your wallet for the novelty. The complete versions differ by about 250 euros. Depending on which shop you look at.

The price comparison is a little off. The Clubhouse Fort includes the Sidekick Wide Decks. There is nothing comparable in the Clubhouse Fort Mini. The rest is identical. That means the set consists of Storm Shield Mini, Storm Box Mini and Clubhouse Mini. You can combine all three components as you wish. The only thing that matters is your idea of what you want to use the equipment for.

Components of the Clubhouse Mini for e-cargobikes HSD and GSD from Tern

Before we go into the details of the components, there is one important piece of information in advance. Whoever you want to take with you on the HSD or GSD must not be taller than 140 centimetres. The protection is not approved for more than this.

Clubhouse Fort Mini for e-cargo bikes HSD and GSD from Tern
Clubhouse Fort Mini for Tern HSD and Tern GSD

2. Tern Clubhouse Mini

The Clubhouse Fort Mini is based on the Clubhouse Mini. Its length is 40 centimetres. It is mounted on the rear carrier with six screws. At the same time, thanks to this bench with all-round railing, you can transport loads with a maximum footprint of 40 x 40 centimetres. This includes, for example, flatter Euro boxes. The height should perhaps be a maximum of 60 centimetres. What is actually possible may depend on how evenly the load is distributed in the boxes and where the centre of gravity of the load is.

Clubhouse Mini for e-cargo bikes HSD and GSD from Tern
Clubhouse Mini for Tern HSD and Tern GSD

On the completely welded frame, there are four mounts on the outside of the rails for bottle holders, locks or other accessories. The railing is wrapped with handlebar tape in the middle at the side. This is usually much more comfortable for children when they hold on to the handlebars while riding.If the children are able to sit themselves, the Clubhouse Mini is sufficient for transporting children in the open air. For this purpose, you attach the seat cushions called MadPad, which are also new, to the bottom of the seat. These can be locked in place with Velcro fasteners. With a thickness of several centimetres, the seat cushions are thick enough to provide sufficient seating comfort. The Madpad is divided into two parts. One part serves as a seat, the other as a backrest.

Madpad seat pad for Tern HSD and GSD e-cargobikes
Madpad seat pad for Tern HSD and Tern GSD

3. Tern Storm Box Mini

The Storm Box Mini is slipped over the Clubhouse Mini. At least if you want to attach transport bags to the bike in order to be able to transport loads consisting of loose items from A to B in a collected manner. The box has a total volume of 100 litres. You don’t need to worry too much about the weight of the load. Made of a kind of truck tarpaulin, the material is very hard-wearing, waterproof and at the same time easy to clean with a wet cloth.

Small inserts are provided for the bottom of the Strom Box Mini. These are intended to additionally stabilise the box. However, if you wish, you can simply leave them out.

If you use the box and do not have a child seat installed on the Clubhouse Mini, we recommend that you use the Storm Box Mini Lit. This cover extends over the entire top of the box and protects the contents from sudden rain, for example. This cover has openings at each of the four corners. Use these to attach the lit to the ends of the Storm Box Mini frame. Clip fasteners are used for the final fastening. When it’s not raining, it can be stored in a space-saving way, for example in a storage compartment of the Storm Box Mini.

If, on the other hand, you are riding with your child in a child seat in strong winds or light rain, you can use a kind of tube from Tern. It can be wrapped around the upper edge of the Storm Box Mini like a scarf about 40 centimetres high and raises the upper edge accordingly. In this case, the whole thing is held in place by cable pulls and tension straps. This solution remains open at the top. That’s obvious. After all, the passenger and seat are in the way. However, the elevation ensures that the load or the child’s legs and feet stay dry. The rest would have to be kept out by weatherproof jackets and headgear.

Storm Box Mini for e-cargobikes HSD and GSD from Tern
Storm Box Mini for Tern HSD and Tern GSD

4. Tern Storm Shield Mini

As soon as rain or even cold weather suggest against transporting the child in the open air, it’s time for the Storm Shield Mini. This cover turns the Clubhouse Fort Mini into an enclosed compartment. Large windows to the sides and smaller ones to the front and rear allow the child a comprehensive view of the passing surroundings and of course you as the driver.

Two zips run vertically on each side. To get in, simply open one of the zips. However, you can also open both, roll up the side panels completely and fasten them with two loops. In this setting, the Storm Shield Mini is even an option as a sunshade. The airstream provides the necessary cooling.

Inside the shelter are various storage compartments. Some of them are open. Others can be closed with a zip. Tern has incorporated a few openings in the rear wall. Air can pass through these to the outside and inside. As a result, there is no condensation or steam, so the walls don’t mist up.

Dismantling the Storm Shield Mini in between should be carefully considered. Firstly, it can’t be done in 30 seconds. And secondly, it takes up a lot of space when folded up. One side of the Storm Box Mini will be well filled with it.

Storm Shield Mini for e-cargobikes HSD and GSD from Tern
Storm Shield Mini for Tern HSD and Tern GSD

5. Tern Doghouse Mini

Tern not only has a heart for children, but also for pets. Thanks to a special cabin for animals, you will be able to take smaller dogs and cats along on your trips more easily. Like the Clubhouse Fort Mini, this Doghouse Mini is made up of three components: the Clubhouse Mini, the Soft Crate Mini and the Dog Roof Mini.

Doghouse Mini for e-cargobikes HSD and GSD from Tern
Doghouse Mini for Tern HSD and Tern GSD

6. Tern Soft Crate Mini

You have already learned all about the Clubhouse Mini. You can put a kind of reinforced, box-shaped box made of mesh in it – the Soft Crate Mini. It is made of a single-layer fabric that can be easily cleaned. To secure and protect the transported animal during the journey, two safety belts are attached to the base. These can be attached to the dog’s harness, for example.

If you want, you can also use the Soft Crate Mini as a normal transport box. It has a capacity of 37 litres. In terms of weight, 13.5 kilograms is the maximum. Of course, this also applies to the animal you want to take with you.

When Soft Crate Mini is not in use, you can simply fold it flat and stow it in a bag thanks to its small pack size.

Soft Crate Mini for e-cargobikes HSD and GSD from Tern
Soft Crate Mini for Tern HSD and Tern GSD

7. Tern Dog Roof Mini

The Dog Roof Mini is placed on top of the insert, the waterproof cover on top. You connect it to the Soft Crate Mini with a zip. The Dog Roof Mini is made of mesh on the top and sides. This promotes air circulation so that your four-legged friend is always supplied with enough oxygen.

Dog Roof Mini for e-cargobikes HSD and GSD from Tern
Dog Roof Mini for Tern HSD and Tern GSD

8. Tern WeatherTop Bag

Regardless of what you put on the rear carrier, there may be other luggage that needs to come along. Tern has thought of that too. The manufacturer is showing a new luggage bag at the Eurobike to fit the two front carriers Transporteur Rack and Hauler Rack. The WeatherTop Bag holds up to 45 litres and can be mounted with Fidlock® magnetic buckles and straps.

Rainproof bag Weather Top Bag for e-cargobikes HSD and GSD by Tern
The new Weather Top Bag for Tern HSD and Tern GSD stands up to any rain.

Tern has designed the material with practicality and environmental compatibility in mind. Thanks to ultrasonically welded seams, the bag is not only waterproof, but also consists in part of recycled material. “We are proud that with the WeatherTop Bag we were able to use a more environmentally friendly fabric for a bag for the first time,” emphasises Joshua Hon, founder of the company. “We are constantly on the lookout for responsibly produced or recycled fabrics. It’s not always easy to find a material that also has the right functional and aesthetic properties. But it is important to make these efforts to minimise our impact on the planet. The more we and other brands ask for these kinds of fabrics, the more our partners will work to supply them.”

Weather Top Bag for e-cargobikes HSD and GSD from Tern
Weather Top Bag for Tern HSD and Tern GSD

If any of the accessories described could be something for you, you’ll have to be patient. According to Tern, all the parts mentioned will only be available from the first quarter of 2022.

Pictures: Mobility Holdings Ltd.

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