E-bike Flyer new releases 2021

New Flyer E-Bikes for 2021: Between Niche and Mainstream

In June, Flyer was one of the first manufacturers to give a first glimpse of its 2021 range. The Flyer Upstreet6 shown at that time was convincing at the kick-off for the upcoming year. Now the Swiss are completing the picture and presenting further new e-bikes.

1. Flyer Upstreet3: Do you prefer one size larger?
2. Flyer Upstreet5 Anniversary Edition: Blink, blink
3. Flyer Gotour3: masterly lifting everyday loads
4. Flyer Uproc6: Dynamic at all times

1. Flyer Upstreet3: Do you prefer one size larger?

The bike industry reflects our everyday life. How painful this can be at times, is something that every one of you who is looking for a suitable bike and whose body measurements deviate from the average will notice. Especially small, tall or heavy people can usually choose from much fewer models. A large part of the available offer is simply not compatible with their proportions. Flyer’s Upstreet3 makes a small but important contribution to correcting this imbalance.

This bike is aimed emphatically at the particularly tall people among us. The frame sizes XXL and XXXL represent a serious alternative for people far beyond the 1.90 m. And since a corresponding body size is often accompanied by a higher body weight, particularly stable attachments are used here. At 180 kilograms, the permitted total weight is correspondingly high. The e-bike itself accounts for around 31 kilograms. That leaves almost 150 kilograms that riders can bring along.

Flyer E-Bike Upstreet3 2021 Comfort HS Jeansblue
Flyer E-Bike Upstreet3 2021 Gents Pearlblack Gloss

Key concept for each type

Details such as the special stem support optimal ergonomic adjustment. Its joint allows it to be adjusted in angle. In addition, it is correspondingly long from frame size L with 150 millimetres. Consequently, Flyer has given the Upstreet3 an enormously powerful electric drive. With its 90 Newton metres, the motor from Panasonic proves to be particularly easy to turn and powerful. Thanks to the 750 watt-hours of the Flyer’s own semi-integrated SIB battery, even long distances with plenty of altitude metres are no problem.

From normal to extra-large – all of you will be pleased with the comfortable equipment of the bike, which shows its strengths especially on tours and in urban environments. A moderately suspended fork as well as a suspension seat post effectively dampen unpleasant shocks during the ride. In three of the four versions, the Upstreet3 also comes with a hub gear and the low-maintenance belt drive. For all enthusiasts of higher speeds there is an S-pedelec in the model range with support up to 45 km/h.

  • Available to order: from autumn 2020
  • Price: from 4,499 Euro

2. Flyer Upstreet5 Anniversary Edition: Blink, blink

The Upstreet5 flyer in the Anniversary Edition is an exotic item with a completely different character. The special paint called “Radiant Silver” makes the bike flash in a very special way. The reason for this special edition is the foundation of the company, which now dates back 25 years. Visually, the Anniversary Edition plays recognisably with the memory of the late 1990s. Back then, silver frames – glossy and matt – were a popular stylistic element.

Flyer E-Bike Upstreet5 2021 Anniversary Edition Comfort Radiantsilver
Flyer E-Bike Upstreet5 2021 Anniversary Edition Gents Radiantsilver

Just how much has changed technically since then is underlined by a look at the features of this special Upstreet5. The noble Rohloff hub gears now work electronically. A high-quality colour display is mounted on the handlebars. And the Panasonic GX Ultimate motor provides for proper propulsion. All you have to do is pedal yourself. But with such a bike under your behind it’s pure pleasure.

  • Orderable: from now on
  • Price: from 7.499 Euro


Significantly cheaper than the two Silver Arrows are the standard models of the Flyer Upstreet5. If you can make friends with other colours and want to use a suspension fork to open up paths off the road, you should take a look at the other versions of the model series.

3. Flyer Gotour3: skilfully lifting everyday loads

With the Gotour3, Flyer is not only bringing a completely new bike onto the market, but above all is making a statement: today’s family vehicle does not necessarily have to have a steering wheel and four wheels. Other manufacturers have already shown how this can look like. Flyer is now following these tracks.

The Flyer Gotour3 can and wants to be loaded. And not too tight. The massive front luggage rack can take loads up to ten kilograms. Baskets and the like can be easily placed inside the carrier. You can even pack up to 27 kilograms on the rear luggage carrier. It offers you the possibility of attaching common child seats such as the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi and Hamax Caress e-bike to it. As with the Flyer Upstreet3, the Gotour3 also has a generous total weight of 180 kilograms.

Flyer E-Bike Gotour3 2021 Comfort Pigeonblue Gloss

Motor top, shifting only mediocrity

A Panasonic GX Power Plus will help you pedal. The mid-mounted motor is considered to be relatively quiet, and with 75 Newton metres of torque it provides plenty of propulsion. In addition, you can choose between batteries with 630 and 750 watt hours. The gear system is a hub gear from Shimano. In some situations, especially when going uphill with a full load, its five gears might be too coarse a gradation. Especially if the battery should run out of power in between. Then the bike’s own weight of 33 kilograms, which is quite high, quickly proves to be a real brake pad.

  • Orderable: from spring 2021
  • Price: from 4.499 Euro
Flyer E-Bike 2021 Kinderanhänger rot

Almost as an accessory, Flyer has recently added a children’s trailer to its range. However, this is approved for Upstreet3 only and may not be used on other e-bikes.

4. Flyer Uproc6: Dynamic at all times

While with the Gotour3 the focus is on the benefits, with the new Flyer Uproc6 it is clearly the challenge. And mother nature has to give you a lot to push you to your limits on this bike. Fast uphill and even faster downhill – this is the preferred gear on the E-Fully for Enduro fans.

The carbon frame is extremely stiff and directs your energy optimally towards the front. With a suspension travel of 170 or 160 millimetres, the fork and shock simultaneously ensure that your vehicle has enough freedom to give way at the right moments. The Uproc6 features a mixed-wheel configuration of 29-inch wheels at the front and 27.5-inch wheels at the rear. The frame geometry supports you on the ride over hill and dale with a good compromise between safety and agility.

Equipped with the latest Bosch drive

On the motor side, the Uproc6 is up to date. This means that Flyer 2021 also relies on the revised Bosch Performance Line CX motor with its increased torque of 85 Newton metres. Depending on your wallet and ambitions, you can choose between three equipment and colour variants. The driving fun is free of charge on top.

  • Available to order: from September 2020
  • Price: from 6,999 Euro
Flyer E-Bike Uproc6 2021 Blackbrown Goldsatin
Flyer E-Bike Uproc6 2021 Lichengreen Blacksatin
Flyer E-Bike Uproc6 2021 Pulsred Marsred Satin

Pictures: Flyer AG

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