E-bike Haibike Allmtn SE 2021

Special Model Haibike ALLMTN SE: A Lot of “Extra” and Some “Vagance”.

At the beginning of this year, Haibike is in a party mood. No, this is not only due to the increased demand for its e-bikes during the Corona pandemic. Rather, the background is an anniversary. It has now been ten seasons since the manufacturer entered the e-bike market in 2010 with the eQ XDURO. To honour this, Haibike today presented the ALLMTN SE.

The special edition not only says special on it, but also conceals a special bike. The frame is made entirely of carbon and finished with a special paint job. You can make the lightweight bike get the move on with the PW-X2 mid-motor from Yamaha. It comes with a matching Yamaha battery with a capacity of 600 watt hours. This means that the fun on the trails only really comes to an end late in the day, if at all. The price, by the way, also picks up the ten. However, three more zeros follow.

In advance, we were able to talk to Haibike in detail about the anniversary bike. In the interview, you can find out all about the background to the ALLMTN SE and the details that set it apart from the ALLMTN 7, which has already been presented.

If you want to see close-ups of all the highlights of the SE, you should also take a look at this video.

The SE is the icing on the cake for the 2021 season. Here you can find a compact summary of the information on the other current models.

E-bike Haibike Allmtn SE 2021

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