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E-bike Giant new releases 2021

New Giant E-Bikes for 2021: Especially Thrilling Countdown

Update 4th August 2021: Here you can find out everything about the new products in the Giant range for the 2022 season.


Update 16th October 2020:

1. Giant Stance E+ und Stance E+ Pro: Trail Bikes with Cross Country Borrowings
2. Giant Fastroad E+ EX: A Colourful Mix for the Road
3. Giant Entour E+: Battery on the Carrier Still Up-to-date
4. Giant Talon E+: Has Claws, but Does not Bite
5. Giant Trance X E+ Pro 29 2021: Made Superbly Crisp
6. Giant Fathom E+ Pro 29 2021: New Frame and More Travel
7. Giant Explore E+ 2021: Huge Action

1. Giant Stance E+ and Stance E+ Pro: Trail Bikes with Cross Country Borrowings

After the Trance E+ for the 2021 season debuted in September, Giant launches the Stance E+ in October. Both bikes not only sound similar, but as trail bikes they have a preference for very similar terrain. Only the focus is a slightly different one. The Trance E+ has got a bit more enduro genes. The Stance E+ and the Stance E+ Pro, on the other hand, are better suited to warm up your heart for touring and cross-country.

Due to their geometry, both Stance E+ models are great climbers. Their rear triangle is based on the FlexPoint system from Giant. The FlexPoint system is slightly lighter than the Maestro rear triangle on the Trance E+ and requires less maintenance. In contrast, the Maestro has more pivot points and with Flip Chip you have the chance to change the character of the chassis individually towards uphill or downhill. The Stance E+ is a little more modest regarding the suspension travel. At the front and rear it is 20 millimetres less than its more enduro-oriented neighbour in the portfolio. On the other hand, it scores with a shorter wheelbase, which provides a touch more agility and liveliness on the trail.

E-Bike Giant Stance E+ 0 Pro 29 2021

Giant Stance E+ 0 Pro 29 2021

E-Bike Giant Stance E+ 1 2021

Giant Stance E+ 1 2021

E-Bike Giant Stance E+ 1 Pro 29 2021

Giant Stance E+ 1 Pro 29 2021

E-Bike Giant Stance E+ 2 2021

Giant Stance E+ 2 2021

Range increased by a quarter

Compared to last year, three main changes stand out with the new Giant Stance E+ and the Giant Stance E+ Pro. Firstly, both model ranges now feature bikes with the more powerful EnergyPak, which offers 625 watt-hours. This means an increase of 25 percent in terms of range capacity. Also new are various displays including the control units. And thirdly, there is an EX model in each of the two series, which comes with mudguards, lighting system, carrier and side stand. This is in conformity with StVZO (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations), but it takes some getting used to on E-Fullys. Let’s see if this will prevail in the near future.

E-Bike Giant Stance E+ Exe-plus-ex-pro-2021

Giant Stance E+ EX Pro 2021

E-Bike Giant Stance E+ EX 2021

Giant Stance E+ EX 2021

The remaining updates refer to individual models within the series.The top model of the Stance E+ Pro now gets a RockShox Gold instead of the previous Revelation fork from RockShox. Apart from that, the biggest difference to the “normal” Stance E+ models remains the SyncDrive Sport Pro motor with its slightly higher torque of 80 Newton metres.

29 inch now also standard with the Stance E+

One class below, the bikes now also roll completely on 29 inch wheels. Added to this is more variety with the top model, the Stance E+ 1. Here you can choose between a configuration with a 625 watt battery and a 500 watt hour battery. By the way, both versions look absolutely identical. So you can base your decision purely on your needs.

2. Giant Fastroad E+ EX: A Colourful Mix for the Road

The Fastroad E+ EX can confidently be called an exotic among Giant’s e-bikes. Looking at it from the outside, it appears to resemble the 2020 model. In fact, Giant has not changed much about this bike. The only really noticeable change is the switch to a battery with a larger capacity. With the 2021 model year, you have 500 watt hours at your disposal instead of the previous 375.

Apart from that, this bike has lost nothing of its indestructible appearance. The 2.4 inch wide semi-slicks from Kenda are still impressive. With such robust tyres, the Fastroad E+ EX gives a loud roar: “Nothing can get me off the road so quickly.” The speedy Giant SyncDrive Pro with its torque of up to 80 Newton metres emphasises this self-confidence.

E-Bike Giant Fastroad EX 2021
E-Bike Giant Fastroad EX 2021 in a sideview

Giant Fastroad E+ EX 2021

A look at the other components is like a wild ride through the Shimano portfolio. The Tiagra cassette with its 11 to 36 teeth derives from the racing bike sector. The GRX rear derailleur, on the other hand, is influenced by the gravel boom. And the BR-MT200 disc brakes, each with 180 millimetre brake discs, you would usually expect to find on a beginner’s mountain bike or a trekking e-bike. As already mentioned, the Fastroad E+ EX likes to step out of line.

3. Giant Entour E+: Battery on the Carrier Still Up-to-date

For completeness, the Giant Entour E+ should also be mentioned here. With this urban e-bike you can almost draw a balanced profit-loss calculation. On the credit side, the Entour E+ 0 and Entour E+ 1 versions each have a model with a coaster brake for the coming season. Many bikers appreciate this type of brake because it gives them a greater feeling of safety. Unfortunately, Giant in exchange decided to leave out the hydraulic disc brakes. As a replacement there are the rim brakes HS-11 from Magura – after all, they are hydraulic too and have been known for many years as very reliable.

E-Bike Giant Entour E+ 0 2021

Giant Entour E+ 0 2021

E-Bike Giant Entour E+ 1 2021

Giant Entour E+ 1 2021

Under “Profit” you can also add five millimetres of tyre width. The wider tyres mean more driving comfort, especially when the ground becomes bumpier.

However, you have to say goodbye to the Giant Life motors. Instead, Giant Core motors with a torque of 50 Newton metres are now installed across the entire model range. Previously there were ten Newton metres more. In addition, Entour E+ will in future only be associated with a hub drive.The model with derailleur gears is no longer in the range. From the 2021 season on, you can choose between the Shimano Nexus with eight gears on the Entour E+ 0 and its companion with seven gears on the Entour E+ 1. If you need the smallest frame size XS, you don’t have to think hard. This size with the 26 inch wheels is only available as Giant Entour E+ 1.

Update 30th September 2020:

4. Giant Talon E+: Has Claws, but Does not Bite

What comes to your mind spontaneously about the word “talon”? Probably you are not thinking of an e-bike. Giant wants to change that and now presents a talon on two wheels. The brand new hardtail of the Taiwanese is called Talon E+.

Relaxed fun mobile

With the Talon E+, you can now grab on to the terrain. That’s where this electric mountain bike feels most at home. Its geometry puts you in a comfortable position, especially on the climbs, from which you can attack properly if you wish. Downhill you need a bit of fine touch. The fork with 100 millimetres of travel fits very well into this concept. On fast and narrow single trails, you will have plenty of riding fun. The terrain should simply not be too rough and therefore technically demanding.

E-Bike Giant Talon E+2021

Giant Talon E+ 2021 – the new entry-level hardtail for the upcoming season

With the Talon E+, Giant basically offers a great e-bike to two target groups in particular. Firstly, it is a vehicle for those who want to gain their first experience in mountain biking. At the same time, bikers who like to ride off-road but do not need an overdose of adrenaline to have fun should be interested.

Solid equipment at a reasonable price

To match this focus, the Talon E+ is driven by the SyncDrive Core with 50 Newton metres of torque. This is the entry-level model for Giant, so to say. Integrated in the down tube is the Giant EnergyPak with a capacity of 500 watt hours. This battery type can be removed along the side of the frame. This makes the down tube a little wider than, for example, the other Giant hardtail, the Fathom E+.

Giant Talon E+ 2021 mit Motor SyncDrive Core
Control unit of the e-bike Giant Talon E+ 29 2021
Battery release of the e-bike Giant Talon E+ 29 2021
Giant Talon E+2021

In terms of price, the two models are about 400 euros apart. The most expensive Talon E+ currently costs around 2,338 Euros. The cheapest Fathom E+ comes at just under 2,728 Euros. At this point, the different level of equipment simply becomes noticeable. None of the Fathom E+ models has a suspension fork with less than 120 millimetres of travel. The motors are the SyncDrive Pro with 80 Newton metres and the SyncDrive Sport with 70 Newton metres.

Special option for urban traffic

What both have in common is their EX model. These are e-mountain bikes with standard equipment suitable for everyday use, such as lights, mudguards, rear carrier and side stand. If you want, you can also unsheathe your claws in the urban jungle at any time.

E-Bike Giant Talon E+ EX 2021

Giant Talon E+ EX 2021 – compliant with the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO) and sporty at the same time

5. Giant Trance E+ X 2021: Made Superbly Crisp

And on we go on a ride through Giant’s new e-bikes for the coming season. With the next model you will have to get used to something new, not only in terms of the name. The Giant Trance E+ becomes the Giant Trance E+ X. The X-factor of these bikes is the size of its wheels. Only that Giant here goes for a complete switch. In 2021 the entire model range will roll on 29 inches. For the manufacturer this step is logical. The bikes are also available without electric drive in the assortment of the Taiwanese. And there 29 inches are the order of the day.

The newly developed frame features a carbon rocker arm with flip-chip technology. This means that you can change the head angle and the seat angle as well as the height of the bottom bracket in just a few steps. Thus, the frame geometry always corresponds to your preferred seating position and riding style.

Flip-Chip-Option am Dämpfer bei E-Bikes von Giant

Flip chip in position 1 = “High”

  • head angle and seat angle each 0.7 degrees steeper
  • bottom bracket ten millimetres higher
  • more aggressive seating position
  • more dynamic going uphill
  • greater ground clearance


Flip chip in position 2 = “Low”

  • head angle and seat angle each 0.7 degrees flatter
  • bottom bracket ten millimetres lower
  • centre of gravity shifted downwards to the rear
  • safe position during descents
  • improved power development in flat terrain

New top model at a stately price

Apparently, the previous top model Trance E+ 0 Pro has fallen victim to budget cuts. The Giant Trance E+ 1 Pro takes this place from now on. But it has also been slightly spiced up. The drive is now a mix of XTR and XT components. However, the price increases noticeably to 5,599 Euro.

Those of you who have to sit down first hearing this news can do so on the new Giant Romero Trail saddle. So far Giant has mounted the Control. The Romero, with its flexible side panels and long, padded nose, is clearly an upgrade.

Giant E-Bike Trance E+ X 0 2020
E-Bike Giant Trance X E+ 2 lava red 2021

Giant Trance X E+ 2: motor SyncDrive Pro, battery with 625 Wh and Shimano Deore XT drivetrain

6. Giant Fathom E+ Pro 29 2021: New Frame and More Travel

As the name already indicates – in the case of the Fathom E+ Pro 29, Giant says goodbye to 27.5-inch wheels and also changes to 29-inch wheels. Basically understandable, the timing of the decision is a little surprising. After all, the first big hype about the largest format for bicycle wheels has already sloshed over all of us. Even realising that the rolling giants are by no means the top-notch for every e-mountain bike.

Of course, the whole thing is well thought out anyway. The frame has been completely revised to match the larger tyres. At least for the two Pro models. The new geometry should fit better to the trail adventure. In any case you will benefit from the ten millimetre increase in suspension travel. In addition, the Pro models have been given the larger EnergyPak 625 integrated into the down tube. This can be extended with the EnergyPak Plus, which increases your battery capacity to a remarkable 875 watt hours. As before, the energy is supplied by the SyncDrive Pro motor. In future, you will be able to control the drive comfortably from the handlebars. The RideControl Ergo operating unit can be combined with the new EVO display on request.

Giant E-Bike Fathom E+ 1 Pro 2021

Giant Fathom E+ Pro 29: motor SyncDrive Pro, battery with 625 Wh and Shimano Deore drivetrain

Arriving in everyday life

The Fathom E+ pro 29 models also include an exotic model. And although it comes all in black, it is by no means the black sheep of the family. It is rather the wolf in sheep’s clothing. In fact, the Giant Fathom E+ EX combines the power, looks and driving dynamics of conventional e-mountain bikes with the advantages of standard equipment suitable for urban traffic. This includes powerful front and rear lights, mudguards, side stands and a rear carrier with integrated MIK deck. Based on the Smart Gateway from Giant, the brand new RideControl Dash 2 in 1 display is also installed. This enables you to keep all the information about your ride in view at all times.

7. Giant Explore E+ 2021: Huge Action

The Explore E+ has been a real bestseller for Giant for years in the touring and trekking e-bike sector. For 2021, the model range is now being specifically expanded. Both the frame ranges for women and men will expand by one frame size. An XL size for relatively tall women and an XXL size for men beyond 1.90 metres will be added. Since the tall ones among us sometimes actually find less suitable frames across all manufacturers, this is a very pleasing move by Giant.

Giant Explore E+ 2021 mit Motor SyncDrive Pro

Standard with the Giant Explore E+ Pro 2021: motor SyncDrive Pro with 80 Nm and 360 percent support

E-bike Giant Explore E+ 2021 with intube battery

EnergyPak battery with 625 watt hours integrated in the downtube

Control unit of the e-bike Giant Explore E+ 2021

Control unit RideControl Ergo at the Giant Explore E+ Pro 2021

In addition, you will be able to go on a voyage of discovery at even higher speeds in the future. A version of the Giant Explore E+ 1 Pro will soon be equipped as an S-Pedelec. The motor of the Explore E+ Pro 45 will support you up to a maximum speed of 45 km/h. With its protective cover, carrier and light, this bike is fully compliant with the German road traffic regulations (StVO) and will probably be of interest to commuters and touring cyclists who want to go fast.

Giant E-Bike Explore E+ Pro 45 2021

New colours for more elegance

As for colours, something has also changed. With Explore E+ 2021, Giant has abandoned the principle of combining a dominant colour with smaller lighter accents. The new models are clearly dominated by one colour. At the most, the underneath of the down tube is contrasted with black. In terms of the tones it is as discreet as usual, although a little more variety comes into play. The matt paint gives the wheels a very noble touch.

Giant E-Bike Explore E 0 Pro GTS 2021
Giant E-Bike Explore E+ 0 Pro STA 2021
Giant E-Bike Explore E+ 1 GTS 2021
Giant E-Bike Explore E+ 1 Pro STA 2021

Giant Explore E+ 1 Pro 2021: motor SyncDrive Pro, battery with 625 Wh and Shimano Deore

Giant E-Bike Explore E+ 1 GTS 2021
Giant E-Bike Explore E+ 1 STA 2021

Giant Explore E+ 1 2021: motor SyncDrive Sport, battery with option of 625 or 500 Wh and Shimano Deore drivetrain

Giant E-Bike Explore E+ 2 GTS 2021
Giant E-Bike Explore E+ 2 STA 2021
Giant E-Bike Explore E+ 3 GTS 2021
Giant E-Bike Explore E+ 3 STA 2021

Giant Explore E+ 3: motor SyncDrive Core, battery with 500 Wh and Shimano Altus/Alivio drivetrain

E-Bike Giant Explore E+ 2021
E-Bike Giant Explore E+ 2021

Pictures: Giant Bicycle, Inc.; Giant Deutschland GmbH

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