New displays and control units for e-bikes from Giant and Liv in 2021

Giant and Liv 2021 with New Control Units and Displays

Recently Giant and Liv presented their new models for the 2021 season. Important elements of the bikes have always been the displays and control units of the motors. To make sure that they don’t get lost in the mass of news, you can find all the important information here.

Because in 2021 a new term is appearing in the cosmos of Giant and Liv. This is called Smart Gateway. Behind it is a newly developed communication interface. The flow of information to and from the drive system will therefore take a new direction in the future for numerous models. In a way, Smart Gateway replaces RideControl Remote as the primary control centre for the electric drive.

Smart Gateway: The Advantages
Smart Gateway: The New Control Units
E-Bikes with Smart Gateway from Giant
E-Bikes with Smart Gateway from Liv

Interface Designed as an Independent Module

Up to now, the interface was part of the control units or displays. From now on you’ ll find it as a separate module on the height of the left motor cover. The new name is associated with major changes. The interface uses a new firmware and a modified cable management. Therefore it is not compatible with e-bikes of model year 2020 or older models. The same applies to 2021 season e-bikes that do not have Smart Gateway.

The system processes signals via Bluetooth – for communication with the app and service tool – and via ANT+ for exchange with mobile devices, computers, the Giant Bike computers, Garmin, Wahoo, etc. You can identify all components of Smart Gateway by the suffix “SG”.

Smart Gateway: The Advantages

Admittedly, the lack of backward compatibility somewhat spoils the joy of the interface. Nevertheless, it does bring with it decisive advantages. RideControl control units and RideDash displays can soon be changed easily without additional firmware updates. The control panels and displays have also become more robust. All Smart Gateway components are mutually compatible and expandable. If you like to, you can soon add the RideDash EVO display on the handlebars to a RideControl Ergo control unit.

Smart Gateway: The New Control Units

RideControl Ergo – SG

  • Stand-alone Remote
  • Optics and function correspond to the RideControl One of the year 2020
  • Narrower Connector
  • Cheaper in price
Bedieneinheit RideControl Ergo Smart Gateway

RideControl Dash 2 in 1 – SG

  • Stand-alone Remote
  • 2-in-1 Remote
  • Easily exchangeable with RC1-SG and RC Curve-SG
  • Compatible with RC EVO-SG
Display RideControl Dash 2in1 Smart Gateway

RideControl Ergo 2 – SG

  • Stand-alone Remote
  • Optics and function clearly resemble the RC1
  • Choice between special offset for city handlebar or flat bar
  • Compatible with RC EVO-SG
RideControl Ergo 2 Smart Gateway

RideDash EVO – SG

  • No stand-alone display
  • Five different SKU
  • Display only
  • Two angle adjustable stems
  • Two standard clamps
Display RideControl Dash EVO Smart Gateway

E-bikes with Smart Gateway from Giant

  • Reign E+ 2021
  • Trance X E+ 2021
  • Stance E+ Pro 2021
  • Fathom E+ Pro 2021
  • Talon E+ EX 2021
  • Revolt E+ 2021
  • Fastroad E+ 2021
  • Explore E+ 2021
  • AnyTour E+2021
  • DailyTour E+ 2021

E-bikes with Smart Gateway from Liv

  • Intrigue E+ 2021
  • Embolden E+ EX 2021
  • Vall E+ Pro 2021


Pictures: Giant Deutschland GmbH

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