Liv E-bike new releases 2021

Liv Addresses Beginners with its New E-bikes for 2021

Update 15th October 2020: Learn more about the new displays and control panels from Giant.


Since 2008, under the umbrella of Giant, there is a manufacturer with the brand Liv, which develops and produces bikes exclusively for women. What began as a niche has meanwhile grown into a versatile assortment for just about every type of bicycle. This also applies to the field of e-bikes. And there Liv comes up with several new bikes for the 2021 season.

1. Liv Intrigue X E+ 2021: Fully-E-MTB with Flip Chip
2. Liv Tempt E+ 2021: Welcome to Mountain Biking
3. Liv Rove E+ 2021: Wanderer between Two Worlds
4. An Ex to Trust
5. Liv Amiti E+ 2021: Successful Facelift with a Blemish

1. Liv Intrigue X E+ 2021: Fully-E-MTB with Flip Chip

Walking on big feet, or better, rolling on big tyres, is also a favourite for the Liv Intrigue X E+ in the 2021 season. Giant is switching to the 29-inch wheels here, as it has already done with some men’s models. The only exception is the smallest frame size XS. It still has 27.5 inch wheels mounted on the front and rear.

E-Bike Liv Intrigue X E+ 2021

The newly developed frame features a carbon rocker arm with “flip-chip” technology. This means that you can change the head angle and seat angle as well as the height of the bottom bracket in just a few steps. Thus, the frame geometry always corresponds to your preferred seating position and riding style.

Flip-Chip-Option am Dämpfer bei E-Bikes von Giant

The flip chip option allows two settings: position 1 = “High” and position 2 = “Low”.

In position 1, the head angle and seat angle are each 0.7 degrees steeper. At the same time the bottom bracket height increases by ten millimetres. The result is a sitting position that proves advantageous when climbing uphill. You will appreciate the extra ground clearance when riding over roots and rocks.

In position 2, however, the head angle and seat angle are both 0.7 degrees flatter. At the same time the bottom bracket height is reduced by ten millimetres. The lowering of the centre of gravity backwards and downwards feels noticeably better, especially on descents. This also applies when the terrain in front of you widens and you want to accelerate properly.

In addition to these two general updates, there have also been a few changes within the model range. For example, two of the three models feature new suspension forks. With the Fox 36 Float Performance Elite and the Rock Shox 35 Gold RL DebonAir, each with 150 millimetres of travel, both the Intrigue X E+ 1 Pro and the Intrigue E+ X 3 Pro are absolutely impressive in their respective price ranges.


  • Liv Intrigue X E+ Pro 1: 5,652.81 Euro
  • Liv Intrigue X E+ Pro 2: 4.775,50 Euro
  • Liv Intrigue X E+ Pro 3: 4.288,10 Euro

2. Liv Tempt E+ 2021: Welcome to Mountain Biking

Liv follows a well-known strategy with his new entry-level mountain bike: The bike is already successful without an e-drive, so we’re going to launch it as an e-bike as well. In this case the result is called Liv Tempt E+. The three models Tempt E+ 1, Tempt E+ 2 and Tempt E+ Ex are all equipped with 27.5 inch wheels in frame sizes XS and S. In the sizes M and XL they are turned into 29 inch wheels. All models have a suspension fork with 100 millimetres of travel. In addition, there are medium-sized hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro’s HD range. The chosen single drive train is Shimano’s Alivio with nine gears.

Liv E-Bike Tempt E+ 1 2021

Liv Tempt E+ 1 2021: motor SynDrive Core, battery with 500 Wh and Shimano Altus/Alivio drivetrain

The electrical components are also at an entry level. The SyncDrive Core mid-motor from Giant is combined with the Giant EnergyPack with 500 or 400 watt hours. At the end of the day this is absolutely solid. Of course, you can’t expect miracles from this combination. But the starting price of less than 2,000 Euros for the Liv Tempt E+ models makes it more forgiving. The Liv Tempt E+ Ex model with mudguards, lighting system, rear carrier and kickstand is also worth mentioning.

Liv E-Bike Tempt E+ 2 2021

Liv Tempt E+ 2 2021: motor SynDrive Core, battery with 400 Wh and Shimano Altus/Alivio drivetrain

3. Liv Rove E+ 2021: The Wanderer between Two Worlds

Just as favourably priced is the completely new Liv Rove E+. This hardtail embodies even more than the Tempt E+ model range the compromise between cycling on and off the road. The suspension fork with its moderate 63 millimetres of travel will suit more for the hard forest road than for more technically demanding terrain. At the same time, it provides a pleasant riding experience on slightly bumpier road surfaces, which you will quickly learn to appreciate in everyday life and on longer trips. It tends to look more like a cross e-bike.

The rest of the equipment is very similar to the Tempt E+ 2. The Core, the entry-level version of Giants SyncDrive motor, is built into the bike. In addition, there is a Giant EnergyPack with 400 watt hours. The battery supports you for up to 100 kilometres at a stretch. Liv chose the Alivio group from Shimano with its nine gears as derailleur system.

4. An Ex to Trust

In order to offer the widest possible range of applications, Giant is also pursuing a second fundamental strategy for the Liv brand. This is the road compatibility of e-mountain bikes for women. With the addition of the name “Ex” you will find in the Liv Tempt E+, Liv Embolden E+ and Liv Vall E+ series a bike with which you can ride urban traffic with a quiet conscience in any weather. The models are additionally equipped with mudguards, a comprehensive lighting system, carriers and a side stand. Such bikes always have the charm of a very flexible solution. You do not need to buy two different bikes for different purposes. Instead, you ride an e-bike that can handle the ride over woods and meadows and has all the comfort of an urban bike.

Liv E-Bike Tempt E+ Ex 2021
Liv E-Bike Embolden E+ Ex 2021
Liv E-Bike Vall E+ Ex 2021

Top left: Liv Tempt E+ Ex 2021

Top right: Liv Vall E+ Ex 2021

Bottom right: Liv Embolden E+ Ex 2021

5. Liv Amiti E+ 2021: Successful Facelift with a Blemish

The Liv Amiti E+ 2021 has all the qualities required for a successful appearance in an urban environment. Liv has given the all-rounder for the way to the supermarket, daily commuting to work and longer tours in leisure time a completely new setting. This frame is significantly slimmer than its predecessor. It also accommodates Giants fully integrated EnergyPak Smart battery. Here you can choose between 625 and 500 watt hours – depending on how important the range of the bike is to you.

Liv E-Bike Amiti E+ 1 2021

Liv Amiti E+ 1 2021: motor SynDrive Sport, battery with option of 625 Wh and Shimano Deore drivetrain

Liv E-Bike Amiti E+ 2 2021

Liv Amiti E+ 2 2021: motor SynDrive Sport, battery with option of 500 Wh and Shimano Altus/Alivio drivetrain

At the same time, the electric drivetrain of the Amiti E+ has remained the same. Thanks to the SyncDrive Sport motor and its torque of 70 Newton metres, you can look forward to correspondingly powerful support also in the future. In addition, Liv packs a lot of riding comfort: suspension fork with a moderate 63 millimetres of travel, sporty all-terrain tyres and a top tube with low standover height. Unfortunately, Liv does not prove to be consistent with this model. The Liv Amiti E+ 3 is based on the previous frame. With its very massive appearance this is – especially in comparison with the current Liv Amiti E+ 1 and Liv Amiti E+ 2 – certainly not to everyone’s taste.

Liv E-Bike Amiti E+ 3 2021

Liv Amiti E+ 3 2021: motor SynDrive Core, battery with 500 Wh and Shimano Altus/Alivio drivetrain

Bilder: Giant Bicycle, Inc.; Giant Deutschland GmbH

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