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Motorex Silicone Spray lubricant and care product

Motorex Silicone Spray
12.90€   RRP 14.95€   (13.71% Saved)
Content: 500 Milliliter (25.80€   / 1000 Milliliter)

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The silicone spray from Motorex is a lubricant and care product that no household should be... more

The silicone spray from Motorex is a lubricant and care product that no household should be without. It is practically like a "Swiss army knife" in a gaseous state. It is temperature-stable from -50 °C to +200 °C and is also antistatic, water-repellent, oxidation-preventing and dielectric.

Features of the Silicone Spray

  • Vast range of application
  • Temperature stable from -50 °C to +200 °C
  • Lubricating, caring and protecting agent for rubber, plastic and metal parts

Examples for the field of application

The silicone spray can be used in a variety of ways:

  • It prevents, for example, the freezing of rubbers on car doors, freezers and the like.
  • It protects electrical contacts from moisture & corrosion.
  • It eliminates the creaking of room doors.
  • Door locks can be greased with it without gumming lubricating film.
  • It ensures that rubbers remain elastic and do not dry out or become porous.
  • Ignition systems can be sealed and impregnated.
  • Plastic parts shine in new splendor.
  • Metals are protected against corrosion, rust or oxidation.
  • Textiles, tarpaulins, tents or even artificial leather can be impregnated with it.
  • Sliding roofs, headrests or seat rails in cars can be lubricated with it.
  • Creeping currents are prevented and it acts as an insulating spray.
  • Can be used in industry as a release agent, for example, in casting.

And there are many other possibilities.


Manufacturer: Motorex
Volume: 500 ml
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