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Schwalbe Eddy Current Front Evolution folding tyre | Super Trail | Addix Soft front wheel

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The Schwalbe Eddy Current tyre - specially developed for eMTB . Sturdy lugs, large widths... more

The Schwalbe Eddy Current tyre - specially developed for eMTB. Sturdy lugs, large widths and massive appearance! The concept - wide at the front, even wider at the rear! Inspired by motocross , this tyre combines various technologies to transform the special requirements of an eMTB into grip and even more grip. Its field of application is the Enduro and All Mountain Bike. The Eddy Current masters the balancing act between strong acceleration, braking and cornering traction. It completely covers requirements such as steep uphill riding, technical trails and downhill passages. The open and aggressive profile ensures excellent self-cleaning on muddy surfaces.

Specially adapted design for front and rear tyre

The front tyre is designed for maximum cornering and braking traction. This is achieved by long gripping edges of the massive and extra-supported shoulder and centre lugs. Furthermore, the V-grooves milled in the direction of travel ensure that the lugs interlock with the ground even when the front wheel is unloaded. The result is precise steering characteristics and less understeer.

The rear tyre, on the other hand, is trimmed more for acceleration and braking traction. For this purpose, the V-grooves of the centre lugs are milled transversely to the direction of travel. The larger, more solid centre lugs and the width do the rest and also provide more durability.

Other requirements are stability and puncture resistance. The Super Gravity carcass is almost indestructible. The extremely stable construction of four carcass plies plus Snake Skin fabric and modified apex effectively protect the tyre against damage due to punctures, punctures or cuts. Flexibility and a smooth ride is ultimately provided by the Turn-Up construction.

Note: This product is the front wheel!

You can find the rear wheel here.

The Addix Soft rubber compound increases traction, is longer lasting, has good rolling characteristics and ultimately better damping.

Equipped with the ECE-R75 certificate ( version 62-584; 62-622) the Schwalbe Eddy Current tyre is approved for eBikes up to 50 km/h.

Features of the Schwalbe Eddy Current

  • Tyre specially designed for eMTBs
  • Combination of front and rear wheel
  • Inspired by motocross
  • Super Trail casing
  • Maximum braking and acceleration traction
  • Extremely puncture resistant and stable
  • Addix soft compound
  • E-50 ready
  • Tubeless Easy


As versatile as a Swiss army knife - this stable carcass construction has its field of application from all-mountain and trail rides to enduro use.

ADDIX SOFT is a compound that bridges many areas. It belongs in the enduro and downhill world as well as in demanding all-mountain and trail riding.

For fast eBikes up to 50 km/h For fast eBikes (S-Pedelecs with registration, insurance and pedal assistance even above 25 km/h) a special approval of the tyre is necessary. For these bikes, we recommend eBike tyres with the ECE-R75 approval valid throughout Europe.

The monofilament SnakeSkin fabric on the sidewall makes tubeless conversion for MTB extremely easy and safe. At the same time, it is the best cut protection on the sidewall. Tubeless Easy with SnakeSkin is the excellent tubeless standard of all Schwalbe MTB tyres of the EVOLUTION Line.

Manufacturer: Schwalbe
Scope of delivery: 1 x Schwalbe Eddy Current front tyre
Colour: Black
Material: Addix Soft
Mark of conformity: ECE-R75 (eBikes up to 50 km/h)
Field of application: eMTB | Enduro | All Mountain | Front tyre
Design: Folding tyres
E.T.R.T.O.: 65-584 | 70-584 | 62-622 | 65-622
Carcass: 50 EPI | Super Trail
Tyre pressure: 65-584 - 20-45PSI | 70-584 - 20-45PSI | 62-622 - 23-50PSI | 65-622 - 20-45PSI
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