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TERN Clubhouse Fort, weatherproof transport cabin 2 kids

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With the Tern Clubhouse Fort the back seat becomes a weatherproof transport cabin. The... more

With the Tern Clubhouse Fort the back seat becomes a weatherproof transport cabin. The Clubhouse Fort offers enough space for up to two children with a maximum body size of 140cm. The Storm Box is made of a coated polyester, which is particularly waterproof and extremely robust. Due to the weather-protected cabin, the kids are optimally protected from external weather influences, such as rain or wind, on every trip with the Tern GSD.

In addition, the windows of the Storm Shield can be opened on both sides, so that the Clubhouse Fort can serve as a sunshade in the summer. Large reflective surfaces on Tern Clubhouse Fort increases visibility as well as safety in road traffic when driving at night or at dusk.

Features of Tern Clubhouse Fort:

  • weatherproof transport cabin
  • for up to two children
  • Modular accessory system consisting of

 Clubhouse+ seat
 Storm Shield
 Storm Box
 Sidekick Wide Decks

  • compatible with Tern GSD S10 Gen.2 (2021)
  • waterproof and extremely robust
  • with reflectors for more safety in road traffic

Explanation of the assembly & use of the Clubhouse Fort:

1.assembly of the Sidekick Wide Decks

The Sidekick Wide Decks are the base of the Clubhouse Fort. They are needed for the installation of the Storm Box.

2.Installing the Clubhouse+

The Clubhouse+ is the frame of the Clubhouse Fort. It is needed to mount both the Storm Box and the Storm Shield. You can install the Clubhouse Fort when using either the Flat Bar or the Child Seat Extension Bar.

3.Installing the Storm Box

The Storm Box is a solid, soft but sturdy box that protects children from outside elements. It contains a waterproof Kid Lid that fits snugly around the little passengers, much like the spraydeck of a kayak.

The Storm Box was designed with children in mind. It even has a convenient opening on the back for easy access to the Yepp child seat button. It's also incredibly effective at catching toys, clothes and other items that can fall out of little hands while riding.

But the Storm Box also serves another purpose: if you don't have kids with you, you can throw up to 160L of cargo in it. See this article for more information on using the Storm Box for cargo.
4.Installing the Storm Shield

The Storm Shield is a weatherproof canopy that protects children from harsh weather conditions such as rain, cold wind and even extreme sun. The Storm Shield features a rear airflow ventilation panel to keep the passenger cabin from getting too stuffy. See-through inserts in the side walls let your kids enjoy the view, while the Storm Shield's fiberglass tent pole structure is designed to hold its shape even on extremely windy days.

If you don't need the Storm Shield at all, you can simply remove it, fold it flat, and place it upright in the Storm Box for storage.

Manufacturer: Tern
Item: Tern Clubhouse Fort - complete set for Tern GSD Gen.2
Scope of delivery: 1x Clubhouse+ Seat bench, 1x Storm Shield, 1x Storm Box, 1x Sidekick Wide Decks
Colour: black, yellow
Compatibility: Tern GSD S10 (Gen2 from 2021)
Mounting: for mounting on rear rack
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