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E-Bike Vision - EBV E-Bike Battery, compatible to Panasonic 36 V Deluxe seattube

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The  E-Bike Vision Power Pack e-bike battery is compatible with e-bikes with Panasonic 36... more

The E-Bike Vision Power Pack e-bike battery is compatible with e-bikes with Panasonic 36 V Deluxe drive system. The replacement battery offers the most modern and range-optimised cell technology, which guarantees ranges of up to 150 km and a long service life. With the external charging socket and the only compatible E-Bike Vision chargers (7 A or 4 A), the battery can be charged within two to five hours, depending on the capacity, directly on the bike or when removed. The battery has no memory effect and can be charged at any time. A circumferential seal in the housing also protects against moisture or wetness. Thanks to the extremely robust carrying strap from the automotive sector, the battery can be comfortably and safely carried after removal from the bicycle. The deep sleep function ensures that the spare battery automatically goes into deep sleep after 24 hours of inactivity to reduce self-discharge. Simply press the capacity button on the battery before each ride and the battery is ready for use again. The PowerPack battery for Panasonic 36V is tested according to the UN transport guidelines and also has the test seal according to EN standard EN62133. Panasonic chargers are not compatible.

Features of the PowerPack battery for Panasonic 36V drive:

  • Specifically designed for the 36V Panasonic Deluxe drive system.
  • Generation 2.0
  • Efficient battery management system
  • two capacity variants, one casing:
  • 13 Ah / 468 Wh - 10S5P
  • 17 Ah / 612 Wh - 10S5P
  • Integrated charging socket for charging directly on the e-bike
  • Charging function only possible with E-Bike Vision chargers (4A / 7A, 36V)
  • Compatible with frames from a frame height of 48 cm
  • Deep sleep function: splash-proof and dust-tight
  • Intelligent cell balance, for a long service life
  • 3.5 kg light
  • Made in Europe
  • UN certified

With which e-bikes is the E-Bike Vision PowerPack battery compatible?

The original Panasonic Li-Ion battery has an article number printed on it, which can be matched below. If the article number is listed below, the E-Bike Power Pack for Panasonic 36V is compatible with your e-bike.

NKY numbers

NKY349B2 | NKY351B2 | NKY352B2 | NKY353B2 | NKY354B2 | NKY363B2 | NKY365B2 | NKY368B2 | NKY370B2 | NKY388B2 | NKY397B2 | NKY428B2 | NKY429B2 | NKY430B2 | NKY431B2 | NKY434B2 | NKY436B2 | NKY437B2 | NKY440B2 | NKY441B2

suitable E-Bike models for EBV PowerPack battery:

Canyon E-Bike LCD Lady | Canyon E-Bike LCD Men | Canyon E-Bike LED Lady | Canyon E-Bike LED Men

Easy Motion
Easy Motion Carbon Men | Easy Motion City 700 | Easy Motion City 700 Wave | Easy Motion Cross 700 | Easy Motion Diamond | Easy Motion Diamond Wave | Easy Motion Max 700 | Easy Motion Max 700 Mix | Easy Motion Offroad 650 | Easy Motion Sport | Easy Motion Sport Mix

Feldmeier FE02 Big Trip | Feldmeier FE07 Coaster Deep | Feldmeier FE07 Coaster Wave | Feldmeier FE08 Premium QualityFlyer
Flyer C-Series Deluxe | Flyer C8 DD Deluxe | Flyer Cargo Nuvinci Deluxe | Flyer Cargo XT Deluxe | Flyer Deluxe K-Series | Flyer Deluxe L-Series | Flyer Deluxe S-Series | Flyer Faltrad Deluxe | Flyer i:SY Deluxe | Flyer i: SY Street Deluxe | Flyer Street Deluxe K-Series | Flyer T-Series Deluxe | Flyer Tandem XT | Flyer Tour Deluxe R-Series | Flyer Urban Deluxe R-Series | Flyer X Series Tour Deluxe | Flyer X Series Deluxe | Flyer XT Deluxe K-Series | Flyer XT Deluxe R-Series | Flyer XT Deluxe SE

Kalkhoff Agattu C8-36 8-G Nexus | Kalkhoff Agattu P8-26 Nexus | Kalkhoff Agattu P8-26 XXL Nexus | Kalkhoff Agattu P8-36 Nexus | Kalkhoff Groove F8 G8 | Kalkhoff Pro Connect C8 8-G Nexus | Kalkhoff Pro Connect C8 Disc | Kalkhoff Pro Connect C9 9-G LX | Kalkhoff Pro Connect S10 DL 10- G XTR | Kalkhoff Pro Connect S10-36 G XT | Kalkhoff Pro Connect S27 DD 27-G Dual Drive | Kalkhoff Sahel C7 7-G Nexus | Kalkhoff Sahel C8 HS 8-G Nexus | Kalkhoff Sahel Comp C8 8-G Alfine | Kalkhoff Sahel Pro C8 8-G Alfine | Kalkhoff Sahel Pro S11 11-G Alfine

Kettler Layna-e Plus FL | Kettler Layna-e Plus RT | Kettler Obra Comfort | Kettler Obra FL | Kettler Obra RT | Kettler Twin Ergo FL | Kettler Twin Ergo RT

KTM ZEG special model Severo 8

Peugeot CE 61 | Peugeot CE 71

Raleigh Dover De Luxe P8-36 | Raleigh Dover De Luxe P8-36R | Raleigh Groove F3 | Raleigh Groove F8 | Raleigh Leeds Sport 11-G

Simpel electric bike Panasonic NuVinci

Victoria Frankfurt | Victoria Frankfurt XXL

Note: if you have any questions regarding compatibilty or availability, do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

Drive system: Panasonic drive
Manufacturer: E-Bike Vision
Panasonic System: Panasonic Motor central Deluxe 36 V
Colour: silver
Model year: Compatible with all Panasonic Deluxe drives
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