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Enviolo shift cable gauge

Enviolo shift cable gauge

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With the Enviolo shift cable tool , changing and cutting shift cables is child's play. The... more

With the Enviolo shift cable tool, changing and cutting shift cables is child's play. The gauge has two measuring devices for this purpose. One for shortening the cable with shift cable attachment, and a second for the Bowden cable with screw nipple. The shift cable assembly tool can also be securely fastened to a workbench with two screws. This way you can change the Bowden cables of your manual shifting interface with twist grip in just a few minutes.

Features of the Enviolo shift cable tool

  • original Enviolo tool
  • for easy removal of the shift cables
  • for manual Enviolo/ NuVinci shifters
  • made of robust plastic
  • mounting holes for screwing

Shortening Enviolo shift cables - this is how it works

To shorten the Bowden cables on manual Enviolo or NuVinci hub gears, we recommend using the appropriate assembly gauge. This way you can bring your shift cables to the correct length without having to measure them exactly by hand.
First turn the tensioning screws on the gear lever clockwise to the maximum. Now insert the new Bowden cables into your Enviolo twist shifter, if they have not already been installed at the factory. Then guide the cables through a suitable cable sheath. Make sure that the cables are correctly seated on the twist shifter. Pull hard on the cables to set the maximum gear ratio - on shifters with a display the display is completely flat. Now insert the longer of the two cables into the upper measuring device. To do this, place the cable guide and the screw nipple in the stops as far as they will go. Secure the Bowden cable with 1.5 - 2.0 Nm torque and cut it as short as possible.
Now guide the second cable through the shift cable attachment and place it in the matching recess on the gauge. Once again make sure that all cables and sleeves are correctly seated and tighten with 1.5 - 2.0 Nm. Cut to length again and place the overhang in the fastening lug. If necessary, adjust the tension with the tensioning screws, but not too tight. Now your twist grip shifter is fully operational again.

Manufacturer: Enviolo, NuVinci
Item: Enviolo shift cable gauge
Scope of delivery: 1x Enviolo shift cable gauge
Colour: black
Compatibility: suitable for all Enviolo & NuVinci gear hubs with manual shift interface
Maker's ref. no.: CE-HW-TOOL-SM-MLD
Material: plastic
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