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Enviolo manual shift interface


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  • 7444-001
  • MHI-MT-44T-OE / CVP-1864

compatible hubs:

Shift lever:

Manual shift unit for Enviolo City (CT), Comercial (CO), Trekking (TR), Cargo (CA) or Sportive... more

Manual shift unit for Enviolo City (CT), Comercial (CO), Trekking (TR), Cargo (CA) or Sportive (SP) hubs, as well as N360 und N380 NuVinci hubs. The hub interface is available for the Cargo and Sportive hubs in two versions - Multi Turn and One Turn. The difference here is the twist grip rotation, the subtlety of the gear ratio adjustment and the length of the shift cable. For the CT, CO and TR hubs there is only the "Multi Turn" option. As a result, the manual Enviolo shift unit is ideally suited as a replacement for a faulty interface or to convert to the stepless shifting system from Enviolo.

Features of the manual shift unit for Enviolo

  • For stepless shifting
  • Compatible with all twist grip shifters
  • For CT, CO, TR, CA & SP hubs from Enviolo
  • For N360 und N380 NuVinci hubs
  • One Turn (CA/SP) & Multi Turn Option

One Turn vs. Multi Turn - what is the difference?

When using the "Multi-Turn" option, the twist grip rotation is approximately 271° for the entire gear ratio width. This means you have to rotate the shifter far around to change from the smallest to the top gear. The advantage: you can adjust the gear ratio very finely, according to your needs. In addition, it requires little effort to shift gears. The "One-Turn" option is only available for Cargo and Sportive hubs and allows a faster change of the transmission. In this version of the manual Enviolo shift interface, the twist grip must be turned only about 112°. However, this has the consequence that the ratio can not be adjusted quite as finely and more force is needed for shifting.

Variants of the Enviolo manual shifting interface

  • MHI-MT-44T-OE: Multi-Turn for City (CT), Comercial (CO), Trekking (TR) hubs & N360, N380 NuVinci hubs
  • MHI-MT-40T-OE: Multi-Turn for Cargo (CA) or Sportive (SP) hubs
  • MHI-CCT-OT-OE: One-Turn for City (CT), Comercial (CO), Trekking (TR) hubs & N360, N380 NuVinci hubs
  • MHI-CS-OT-OE: One-Turn for Cargo (CA) or Sportive (SP) hubs

If you have any questions regarding compatibilty or availability, do not hesitate to contact us.


Manufacturer: Enviolo, NuVinci
Item: Enviolo manual shift interface
Scope of delivery: 1x Enviolo manual switching interface, 1x cable mounting unit, 1x shifting adapter
Colour: black | grey
Compatibility: for City (CT), Comercial (CO), Trekking (TR), Cargo (CA) or Sportive (SP) hubs from Enviolo
Mounting: on Enviolo rear hubs
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