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Fazua Locker pX + Remote fX Bundle


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  • 5357-001

Remote fX cable length:

Make your e-bike with Evation drive even smarter. With the Fazua Locker pX lock, you can now... more

Make your e-bike with Evation drive even smarter. With the Fazua Locker pX lock, you can now remove the Fazua battery even more easily, thanks to an integrated lever on the underside of the frame, and with the Remote FX, your e-bike now looks even more elegant and the operation is more intuitive.

Fazua Locker pX closure

Thanks to the Locker pX lock, the motor unit is now even better integrated, has better stability and is even easier to handle when removing the battery. The Locker pX has a clever mechanism with an integrated lever. With this lever, the lock of the motor unit can be unlocked easily and quickly. With a clear feedback when the motor unit engages, the e-biker knows that the mechanism is firmly locked.

The interaction between plastic and aluminium increases the stability and impact resistance.

Tip: For additional theft protection, we recommend an Axa or Abus frame lock for the Locker pX.

Locker pX lock - Features:

  • better integration of the motor unit in the frame
  • easy operation via an integrated lever on the underside of the frame
  • robustness & high stability due to aluminium-plastic combination
  • easy & comfortable handling due to fast feedback of the locking mechanism

Fazua Remote fX frame control unit

The Remote fx is the latest feature from Fazua for the Evation drivetrain. The control unit is fully integrated into the top tube of the frame and the touch surface is used for navigation. More integration is almost impossible - make your e-bike look even more elegant and natural.

With the sensitive touch field, the 3 support levels can be intuitively selected:

  • Breeze
  • River
  • Rocket

In addition, the control unit with 5 LED lights shows the current battery charge status and the system status. In poor light conditions, a light sensor ensures that the LEDs are optimally bright.

Afraid of rain? Not necessary! - The rain mode guarantees that the user interface is locked when it rains and thus no unwanted inputs can happen.

Note on retrofitting the control panel:

The Remote fX can be retrofitted to all e-bikes with an Evation drive. When converting to the Remote fX, the recess of the conventional lock is used. When retrofitting, it is therefore important to ensure that the Fazua Locker pX is installed next to the control unit.

Remote fX - Feature

  • complete integration of the control unit in the frame
  • intuitive operation of the support levels
  • 5 LED for battery charge and system status
  • integrated rain mode
  • Bluetooth transmitter

Ebike24 recommends that the installation be carried out by a specialist dealer.

Drive system: Fazua drive
Manufacturer: Fazua
Fazua System: Fazua Ride 50 Evation 1.0, Fazua Ride 50 Street/ Trail 2.0
Compatibility: for all e-bikes with Fazua Ride 50 drive system
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