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Rohloff Bowden inner cables for Tandem

Rohloff Bowden cables 1.1 mm set 2.50 m Tandem

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Rohloff shift cables for tandems with 2.50 m length and Ø 1.1 mm. Installation instructions... more
Rohloff shift cables for tandems with 2.50 m length and Ø 1.1 mm.

Installation instructions
  • The gear cables must be installed dry (without grease and oil). The plastic-stainless steel combination runs almost maintenance-free.
  • The spiral outer sheaths of the shift cables provide a defined detent feeling in the shift lever. The use of other shift cable sleeves (e.g. index cable sleeves with longitudinal wires or NOKON) reduces the detent feeling in the shift lever.

The shift cable tension is adjusted by turning the cable adjusters. Unscrewing the cable adjusters increases the shift cable tension. For easy shifting, adjust the shift cable tension so that a turning play of about 5 mm can be felt when turning the shifting handle. The marking on the shifting handle can be aligned with the numbers without changing the shifting tension by turning one of the tension adjusters in and the other out by the same amount.

Too much shift cable tension increases the friction in the shift cables and thus the shifting force.

Manufacturer: Rohloff
Item: Bowden inner cables 1.1 mm set 3.05 m tandem
Scope of delivery: 2 pcs. Rohloff shift cables 8266
Manufacturer: Rohloff
Compatibility: Tandem
Maker's ref. no.: 8266
Diameter: 1.1 mm
Length: 2.50 m
EAN: 4250307402229
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