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Bosch eBike drive unit design cover - Classic

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The original Bosch e-bike design lid to visually complete your Bosch Classic electric bike from... more

The original Bosch e-bike design lid to visually complete your Bosch Classic electric bike from 2011 to 2014.

What is the Bosch Classic Design Lid needed for?

  • The Bosch Classic Design Lid can be installed on many Bosch Classic electric bikes from model years 2011 to 2014.
  • It is a plastic lid, which influences the appearance of the eBike motor.
  • The Bosch design lid is put on the aluminum housing with several clip connections and holds without screw connections.

Why is this Bosch Classic Design lid made of plastic missing from my electric bike?

  • The design lid was not used by many bicycle manufacturers, because some pedal cranks could not be combined with this design lid due to the stable design.
  • In such a case, the crank grinds on the plastic cover.
  • If your Bosch Classic electric bike had this cover installed, you can simply replace it.

Is the aluminum motor housing cover available as a spare part?

  • The frequently sought aluminum motor cover, which protects and seals the transmission, is not offered for sale by the manufacturer Bosch.
  • This Bosch gearbox cover can only be replaced by the manufacturer Bosch itself.
  • To replace this cover, the drive unit must be sent to Bosch by a specialist dealer.

Other features of the Bosch Classic Design cover:

Bosch System: Bosch Classic+ Line
Drive system: Bosch drive
Manufacturer: Bosch
Item: Bosch E-Bike design cover for drive unit
Scope of delivery: 1x design lid of your choice
Maker's ref. no.: black: 0275008300<br>white: 0275008303
Bosch E-Bike System: Bosch Classic
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