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Bosch eBike Display Conversion Kit Intuvia

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The original Bosch Intuvia retrofit kit for converting the eBike from the old, round HMI... more

The original Bosch Intuvia retrofit kit for converting the eBike from the old, round HMI display of the Classic Line drive to the Bosch Intuvia Active/ Performance display. Alternatively, the retrofit kit can be used to convert an eBike with Bosch Purion display to the Bosch Intuvia system.

The Bosch Intuvia conversion kit can be installed as a replacement for the standard HMI display unit on all Bosch electric bikes since 2011.

What components does the Bosch eBike Intuvia conversion kit contain?

The Bosch eBike Intuvia Active/Performance display kit consists of:

  • 1x Platinum, 1500mm cable
  • 1x Display Intuvia platinum or black
  • 1x display holder
  • 1x control unit platinum or black
  • 3x4 spacers (31.8mm | 25.4mm | 22.2mm)

The multifunctional on-board computer enables the display of driving mode, time, speed, battery capacity, remaining driving distance and average speed. The large, very easy-to-read, illuminated display helps you to reach your destination safely with the Bosch e-bike. It is also possible to charge a smartphone on the Intuvia display using the Micro USB-A output.

What is the Bosch Intuvia Active and Performance Line conversion kit used for?

  • If you own a Bosch Active or Performance Line eBike with the Bosch Purion display newly introduced in the 2017 model year and would like to have an extended range of functions now and then, you can implement this yourself relatively easily with the Bosch Intuvia conversion kit.

How can the complete Bosch display be converted?
For the conversion from Bosch Purion to Bosch Intuvia, the communication cable between the motor and the display, which is routed through the frame, must be completely replaced.
You will need various tools such as Torx and Allen keys, a crank puller and the Bosch Active / Performance Lockring Tool.
To replace the display, the connection cable between the Bosch Purion display and the Bosch Active / Performance / Performance CX motor must be completely replaced. Unfortunately, partial re-use of the old Purion cable is not possible.
Once the display holder cable has been correctly pulled through the frame and connected to the Bosch Drive Unit, the Bosch Drive Unit can be refitted without grease, observing the correct torque of 25-30 Nm.

Tip: Since the motor must be loosened for the cable feed-through during the conversion, we recommend that you use new expansion sleeves. The old expansion sleeves are often no longer usable after loosening the motor.

Conversion from Bosch Classic (HMI) to Bosch Classic Plus (Intuvia).

What should I bear in mind when converting the Bosch Classic HMI display (introduced in 2010/2011) to the Bosch Intuvia display (introduced as Classic Plus in 2011/2012)?

The conversion kit in the Platinum (Active Line) version can be used to convert a bike with the Bosch Classic Line drive and the round HMI to the Bosch Intuvia system. To convert the Bosch HMI display to the modern Bosch Intuvia display, the following points should be observed in advance:

  • For the conversion it is absolutely necessary to remove the drive unit from the frame.
  • You will find the cable connection on the right-hand side of the motor behind the Bosch Classic stone guard.
  • You will need tools such as various Allen keys, a crank puller, the Bosch Classic Spidertool for chainring removal and new original Bosch Classic expansion sleeves for later reinstallation.
  • As these expansion sleeves expand slightly when correctly fitted and this effect serves to secure the bolts, these sleeves can only be used once. There is an acute risk of breakage if old sleeves are reused.
  • To replace the display, the connection cable between the Bosch Classic Line HMI display holder and the Bosch Classic motor must be completely replaced. Partial re-use of the old HMI display holder is unfortunately not possible.
  • Once the display holder cable has been correctly pulled through the frame and connected to the Bosch drive unit, the Bosch Classic drive unit can be mounted with new expansion sleeves using the correct torque of 25-30 Nm without grease.
  • After the conversion to the Bosch Intuvia Display you may need an update, which can only be carried out by a local specialist dealer. This update, which is rarely necessary, is related to old software versions of the motors. For example, first models from the production year 2010 or model year 2011, which have never been updated. In this case, control via the Bosch Intuvia is not supported.

Note on the Bosch HMI software version:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to read out which software is currently installed via the Bosch HMI display, so we would like to ask you to ask a specialist dealer for the mentioned update in the rare case of incompatibility. You will then be able to use the full range of functions of the Bosch Intuvia Display.

Which Bosch Intuvia Display can I use (silver, platinum, anthracite)?

At the latest after the latest update of your existing Bosch Classic Line complete system (motor, battery, display) has been carried out at your specialist dealer, the Bosch Intuvia Displays of the Bosch Active Line can be used. The Bosch Nyon display is not supported by the Bosch Classic Line system. Nyon is therefore only compatible with Bosch drive systems from 2014.

Bosch System: Bosch Active Line 2014 - 2017, Bosch Active Line 2018 - 2023, Bosch Active Line Plus 2018 - 2023, Bosch Cargo Line 2020 - 2022, Bosch Cargo Line Speed from 2020, Bosch Classic+ Line, Bosch Performance Line 2014 - 2018, Bosch Performance Line 2018 - 2023, Bosch Performance Line CX 2016 - 20019, Bosch Performance Line CX 2020 - 2022, Bosch Performance Line Speed 2014 - 2020, Bosch Performance Line Speed 2020 - 2022
Drive system: Bosch drive
Item: Bosch E-Bike Kit Intuvia
Scope of delivery: 1x Bosch Intuvia Classic / Active platinum - 1270 020 906<br>1x mounting bracket - 1270 020 912<br>1x control unit - 1270 016 706<br>1x mounting kit clamps
Bosch E-Bike System: Bosch Classic, Bosch E-Bike System 2
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