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Rohloff Splined Carrier S (plug-in sprocket adapter with circlip)

Rohloff Splined Carrier (Pinion Adapter with Circlip) Narrow

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Every Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 gear hub can be retrofitted with the splined carrier system. .... more

Every Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 gear hub can be retrofitted with the splined carrier system. .

The Splined Carrier S offers the possibility to convert to a plug-in sprocket with a chainline of 55mm in special cases where an adjustment of the chainline is not possible (e.g. special chain case, chain running in the rear triangle, collision with chain stay due to exceptionally narrow installation space).

Mounting instructions
The sprocket itself is simply placed on the carrier and secured by the circlip. The Splined Carrier incl. sprocket is then mounted using a sprocket puller.

The Splined Carrier S is only to be used for Rohloff sprockets with 15,16,17,18,19 and 21 teeth and is not compatible with Rohloff sprockets with 13 and 14 teeth and Gates pulleys.

Mounting the Splined Carrier S will result in new chain lines:

  • Frame 135/142mm with plug-in sprocket: 15-21 teeth = 55mm chainline.
  • Frame 148mm with splined sprocket: 15-21 teeth = 52mm chainline
  • Frame 170/177/190/197mm with pinion: 15-21 teeth = 73mm chainline

Due to the chainline being 3mm further out, collisions of the chain or sprocket with the frame stay or dropout can occur with flat rear stays and large sprockets. Rohloff offers a template for checking collisions.

The chain tensioner must also be adjusted to the chainline. Because of the changed chain line, the chain tensioner with longer frame bolt + washers (Art. 8257) must be used.

Use the deconvolution table to find the suitable sprocket while observing permissible transmission factors.

The use of a closed chain guard (Hebie, etc.) must be checked individually for compatibility.

Manufacturer: Rohloff
Item: Splined Carrier (Pinion Adapter with Circlip) Narrow
Scope of delivery: 1 x Rohloff plug-in sprocket adapter Splined Carrier S | 1 x circlip
Compatibility: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 hub | plug-in sprocket 15-21 teeth
Maker's ref. no.: 8540S
EAN: 4250307407422
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