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Rohloff Splined Carrier L for Gates (plug-in sprocket adapter with lock ring)

Rohloff Splined Carrier (Sprocket Adapter Lock with Lock Ring) Standard Lock/

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Every Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 gear hub can be retrofitted with the splined carrier system.... more

Every Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 gear hub can be retrofitted with the splined carrier system.

The Rohloff Splined Carrier L is specially designed for use with Gates Carbon Drive-Rohloff plug-in pulleys, but can also be used for Rohloff plug-in sprockets with 15 teeth or more. The Gates-Rohloff plug-in pulleys are axially clamped on the Splined Carrier L by the lock ring and micro-movements of the pulleys resulting from the pre-tension of the toothed belt are avoided.
For plug-in sprockets, however, the manufacturer recommends the Splined Carrier or Splined Carrier S, as there is no noise development during operation when using plug-in sprockets - unlike with CDSR - and the locking ring allows sprockets to be mounted without tools!

Assembly instructions
Gates Carbon Drive-Rohloff pulleys are asymmetrical. The belt line (55mm) is therefore identical to the bolted version.

The splined carrier incl. sprocket is mounted by screwing it onto the driver as far as it will go. The sprocket puller serves as a guide. Place the pulley or pinion on the carrier and screw it on in the direction of the drive until it stops. Screw the lock ring onto the outer thread of the carrier and tighten it with the Rohloff lock ring tool. The tightening torque of the lock ring is 30 Nm.

The Splined Carrier L is only to be used for Rohloff sprockets with 15,16,17,18,19 and 21 teeth and is not compatible with Rohloff sprockets with 13 and 14 teeth.


  • Due to flat rear frames and large sprockets, the chain or sprocket may collide with the frame stay or the dropout. Rohloff offers a template for checking collisions.
  • Check the chain line of the chain tensioner and adjust with the washers (8275) if necessary.
  • Use the sprocket size table to find the right sprocket, taking into account the permissible transmission factors.
  • The use of a closed chain guard must be checked individually for compatibility.
Manufacturer: Rohloff
Item: Splined Carrier (pinion adapter lock with lock ring) Standard Lock/
Scope of delivery: .1 x Rohloff Splined Carrier L incl. lockring
Compatibility: Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 | Gates Carbon Drive-Rohloff plug-in pulleys | Rohloff plug-in sprockets from 15 teeth upwards
Maker's ref. no.: 8540L
EAN: 4250307409013
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