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Bosch PowerPack 300 / 400 rack battery - Active & Performance Line

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The original Bosch PowerPack rack battery 300 / 400 Wh for all model generations since 2014... more

The original Bosch PowerPack rack battery 300 / 400 Wh for all model generations since 2014 impresses with reliability and safety. You can recognise it by the oval charger connection.

What can I use the Bosch PowerPack rack battery 300 / 400 Wh for?

  • The Bosch Active / Performance PowerPack 300 / 400 is compatible with every Bosch electric bike since 2014.
    The battery can only be mounted in the luggage carrier.

Why can't I use a Bosch Active / Performance battery on the Bosch Classic drive?

  • Unfortunately, the Bosch Active / Performance battery is not compatible with the Classic drive because the Bosch Classic system uses a different contact connection and a different software protocol.
  • We offer the original Bosch frame battery and Bosch rear rack battery for the Bosch Classic drive.

What ranges are possible with the Bosch PowerPack 300 / 400 Wh rack battery?

  • Depending on various influencing factors, up to 130 km (with PowerPack 400Wh) are possible.
  • Possible influencing factors are e-bike support level, e-bike type, terrain or total weight.

How safe is the Bosch Active / Performance Line rack battery PowerPack 300 / 400?

  • The original Bosch PowerPack 300 / 400 batteries are protected against deep discharge, overcharging, overheating and short circuit by the "Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)".
  • If there is a risk of danger, the Bosch battery automatically switches off due to this protective circuit.

How should the Bosch battery be charged?

  • The Bosch luggage carrier battery must be brought to room temperature before each charge. This prevents a short circuit due to condensation forming in the battery.
  • After charging, the charger should be disconnected from the battery and from the mains.
  • The Bosch Active and Performance e-bike battery has no memory effect and can be charged from any state.
  • The charging time is between 2.5 hours for the Bosch PowerPack 300 Wh and 3.5 hours for the Bosch PowerPack 400.

We only offer new batteries, they are not second-hand items.

If you have any questions regarding compatibilty or availability, do not hesitate to contact us.

Manufacturer: Bosch
Weight: PowerPack 300 / 8.4 Ah = 2.6 kg | PowerPack 400 / 11.6 Ah = 2.7 kg
Item: Bosch PowerPack 300 / 400 rack battery - Active & Performance Line
Scope of delivery: 1x Bosch PowerPack rack battery
Colour: black matt (performance). anthracite matt (Active)
Measurements: 372mm x 122mm x 76mm (LxWxH)
Charging cycles: 500 - 600 charging cycles
Range: PowerPack 300 / 8.4 Ah = up to 100 km | PowerPack 400 / 11.6 Ah = up to 130 km
Model year: E-Bikes with Bosch Active / Performance drive from 2014 onwards
Item number: 972
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