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Bosch E-Bike Powertube battery 500 Wh

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The original Bosch Powertube 500Wh battery stands out from its competitors with its appearance... more

The original Bosch Powertube 500Wh battery stands out from its competitors with its appearance and the fact that it can be completely integrated into an e-bike frame. Not only does the frame design benefit from the integrated battery, but the Bosch Powertube is better protected inside the frame tube than its predecessors. The classy black battery has the same lithium-ion, 40-cell design as Bosch's predecessors, but in a more compact version. It is also much more robust thanks to its continuous cast aluminium profile.

The frame-integrated design makes it possible to mount bottle cages or similar equipment on the e-bike, which is particularly interesting for touring bikes.

Weight and dimensions

  • At about 2.8 kg, the Bosch Powertube 500 e-bike battery is only 200g heavier than the Bosch PowerPack battery, but still one of the lightweights in its weight class. Despite the compact size (349x84x65mm) and the tubular design, the battery has a capacity of 500Wh. Due to the narrower design, the battery is easier to transport and is also perfect as a replacement battery. The Bosch Powertube 500 is compatible with DualBattery technology, meaning that it can also be combined with a Bosch carrier or frame battery of 300 Wh, 400 Wh and 500 Wh capacity.
  • The Powertube 500 is available in two versions. One variation is intended for low entry frames. These have a narrower and higher shape, whereas for mountain bikes and other dynamic frames the battery is slightly wider and flatter. The arrangement of the connections is different, so the two variations are not compatible with each other.

How do I remove the Bosch Powertube 500 from my e-bike frame?

  • A two-stage latch mechanism makes removing the battery very safe. To prevent the battery from falling out, it is removed from the side, from above or from below.
  • The lock is unlocked on the upper or lower side of the frame, a mechanism pushes the battery out for about two centimetres. The cover is then pulled open with the fingers. This unlocks another latch and the cover can be removed. The battery can simply be removed as the last step. A click when it is inserted announces that it is firmly locked in place.

How should the Bosch Powertube 500 be charged?

  • Bosch put a lot of effort on good handling. That is why the battery can be charged both directly in the frame and outside the frame. With the help of different cables, it is now possible to vary the installation of the charging socket. As a result, the charging socket no longer has to be positioned directly near the battery.

Which frame shape is the Bosch Powertube 500 e-bike battery suitable for?

  • Since the new Bosch e-bike battery does not have any new technology, it is compatible with all current Bosch motors and is used on bike types such as: E-mountain bike, E-city and E-trekking find use.

We only offer new batteries, they are not second-hand items.

If you have any questions about the compatibility of the Bosch Powertube 500 with your e-bike, please feel free to send us an e-mail.

Bosch System: Bosch Active Line Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Active Line Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Active Line Plus Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Cargo Line Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Cargo Line Speed Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 (BDU4XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line Gen3 (BDU3XX), Bosch Performance Line Speed Gen2 (BDU2XX), Bosch Performance Line Speed Gen4 (BDU4XX)
Battery capacity: 500 Wh or more
Drive system: Bosch drive
Manufacturer: Bosch
Weight: 14 Ah = 2.8 kg
Item: Bosch PowerTube 500Wh E-Bike Battery
Scope of delivery: rechargeable battery
Manufacturer: Bosch
Colour: black
Compatibility: all current Bosch engines
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