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Haibike Yamaha Simplo-Intube Battery 36V - 720 Wh

Yamaha Simplo-Intube battery 36V - 720 Wh
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  • 8962
  • TPY-006-50SD / B44E2062F
  • 4055149481919

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With a battery capacity of 720 Wh , the Yamaha Simplo Intube battery is the ideal companion... more

With a battery capacity of 720 Wh, the Yamaha Simplo Intube battery is the ideal companion for long eBike tours. The Intube battery is compatible with eBikes that have the Yamaha 36 Volt PW-S2 drive or the Yamaha 36 Volt PWX-3 drive. Furthermore, the TP-YMC lithium-ion battery from Trend Energy has no memory effect, just like any other lithium-ion battery. This means that the Simplo Intube battery from Yamaha can be recharged at any time, regardless of its state of charge.

Features of the Yamaha Simplo Intube battery 720 Wh

  • For eBikes with Yamaha PW-S2 & PWX-3 drive system
  • 720 Wh - 36 V - 20 Ah
  • Dimensions: 414 x 84 x 72 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: approx. 4.0 kg
  • Compatible eBikes: Giant Reign E+ 1 2022, Haibike Nduro 7 2022, TrailRay 140E 9.0 2022, as well as other models.

Tip: To charge the 720 Wh Simplo Intube battery for Yamaha, use the original Yamaha Intube battery charger for Simplo.

Drive system: Yamaha drive
Manufacturer: Yamaha
Yamaha System: Yamaha PW-S2, Yamaha PW-X3
Weight: 3.95 kg
Colour: Black
Compatibility: for Haibike & Winora, model year 22
Capacity: 720 Wh
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