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Supernova M99 MINI PURE E-25 headlight

Supernova M99 Mini Pure - 25
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Simply Smart! The Supernova M99 Mini Pure for e-bikes up to 25 km/h. The small and... more

Simply Smart!

The Supernova M99 Mini Pure for e-bikes up to 25 km/h. The small and lightweight powerhouse is the entry-level model in the high-end M99 series and, with 400 lumens or 150 lux, delivers an exceptionally wide and homogeneous light carpet. This creates safety! Other road users will no longer underestimate you in the future. Even when cornering, the headlamp offers ideal view and visibility due to the width of the light carpet. Thanks to automotive technology such as intelligently controllable power LEDs of the latest generation in combination with the Matrix Mirror optics, the front light exceeds the legal requirements by a factor of 15 without dazzling other road users.

Note: Please order suitable bracket and connection cable (for your drive) separately!


  • 5.2 W low beam - 400 lm, 150 lx
  • 5 automotive LEDs
  • M99 Matrix reflector
  • 5-13.5 Volt DC
  • Material - 6061 aluminium
  • Cooling fins
  • StVZO approval
  • Toughened anti-reflective coated front lens
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Approx. 110 g
  • 3 years warranty


M99 Matrix Mirror - Matching the 99 individually calculated mirror surfaces to the intelligent LED matrix was an extremely complex development project. Only by using up to ten intelligently controllable automotive LEDs of the latest generation in combination with multiple computer calculations of the concave and convex catoptric facets of the mirror was it possible to create this trend-setting product. The M99 light system offers the widest illumination of all bicycle headlights with the highest range and best possible homogeneity of the light image at the same time. The M99 MINI headlight exceeds the legal lighting requirements by more than 15 times! With up to 1,600 lumens of luminous flux and 380 lux at its brightest point, the M99 PRO literally outshines all other approved headlights in this class in the S-pedelec sector. The M99 offers the performance of a xenon car headlight in a housing that is many times smaller.

Optical precision
The German-made Terraflux lenses and M99 matrix reflectors are the products of years of research and development - true masterpieces of engineering! The quality of a headlamp stands or falls with the quality of its optical elements. That is why Supernova invests a lot in perfecting these key components. The developers meticulously evaluate thousands of computer simulations to create optical systems with the best possible light image. Only high-purity materials are used in production and the final quality is controlled with microscopic precision.

The record brightness values of the M99 system can only be achieved through the complex cooling of the automotive LED matrix. Supernova's more than 17 years of experience with LED headlights comes into its own here. The electronics and housing have been optimised through careful material selection and computer-intensive thermal simulations so that the LEDs can operate with the best possible efficiency even at maximum power. The housing, seamlessly manufactured from a single piece of aluminium, has completely uninterrupted heat dissipation and is patent pending. The specially shaped cooling fin structure is designed to remove heat from the LEDs through an enhanced stack effect. In extreme situations, an integrated heat sensor with control procedures, also patent-pending, always keeps the headlamp within the optimum temperature range.

Tested beyond the norm
"With us, you can be sure that you will reach your destination safely. Our lighting systems won't let you down, whether in everyday use or in extraordinary situations. To do this, we go beyond the usual standard tests in the cycling industry and simulate even the most adverse conditions so that you can always count on your Supernova product, no matter how, where or when. Every year we develop more demanding and tougher tests to make our products even more robust. The bottom line is that our lighting systems are not only powerful, efficient and high quality."

"The issue of sustainability is one of the most important pillars of our company. Protecting the environment is very close to our hearts. Our core values are based on this and are an integral part of everything we do. We strive to make today's earth and that of our children a better and cleaner place. By trying to encourage people to cycle and by making it more attractive and safer through our products, we want to promote sustainability and contribute to a better future. Our goal is to inspire our colleagues, friends, customers and business partners to follow our example. It is also important to be creative and realise every optimisation. Every contribution counts!"

Note: A complete compatibility list for the common drives can be found here.

Drive system: BionX drive, Bosch drive, Brose drive, Continental drive, Impulse drive, Shimano drive, Xion drive, Yamaha drive
Taillight connector: No
Supply voltage : 6 V, 12 V, < 6 V, > 12 V
Light mounting position: Fork, Handlebar
Power source: eBike battery
Manufacturer: Supernova
Max. power consumption: up to 6 W
Item: Supernova M99 MINI PURE E-25
Scope of delivery: 1 Supernova M99 Pur headlight (without bracket) incl. universal connection cable 1450mm
Measurements: LxBxH - 37 x 78 x 50 mm
Specifications: Low beam light
Maker's ref. no.: U-M99MINI-K-MBLK
Material: Aluminium
Consumption: 5.2 W
Voltage: 5 - 13,5 Volt DC
Light output: 450 Lumen
Item weight: 110g (manufacturer's specification)
Light sources: 5 x Automotive Power LED
StVZO approval: for pedelecs up to 25 km/h (K-number)
Optics: M99 Matrix Reflector
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