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Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus E-Bike Tyre

Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus
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With the new Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus tyre , nothing stands in the way of your bike tour!... more

With the new Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus tyre, nothing stands in the way of your bike tour!

The Marathon E-Plus tyre is a new product from Schwalbe and was specially developed for electric bikes. Like other models from the Schwalbe Marathon series, the tyre is flat-less®. This is ensured by the patented SmartGuard insert, which consists of approx. 5 mm thick, highly elastic special rubber.
In addition, the insert is supported by two layers of RaceGuard fabric. This Smart-DualGuard protects even better against sharp objects. The thickness of the SmartGuard is also of great importance in the case of driven-in objects that are repeatedly rolled over and thus steadily pierce through any protective layer.

The Addix E compound is designed for E-use and provides outstanding grip, low rolling resistance and maximum durability, even at high speeds.

In addition, the sidewalls have been stabilised by a further fabric ply, so the tyre can withstand a load of up to 136 kilograms (depending on the tyre size). Furthermore, the sidewall can withstand the typical overloads caused by underinflation much longer before cracks appear.

The new Marathon E-Plus is ECE-R75 certified and can be used on e-bikes up to 25 km/h as well as on S-pedelecs (45 km/h).

Why should special e-bike tyres be fitted on electric bikes?
On an e-bike, whether trekking bike, eMTB or city bike, you are travelling at a higher average speed, which means that the tyre is exposed to a higher load. In addition, the weight of the motor and battery is significantly higher than on a bicycle. Therefore, you need better grip, which provides stability and more traction in curves or uphill.

With the special Addix E compound, the e-bike has a lower rolling resistance. This allows the motor to bring its full power to the road. The lower rolling resistance also ensures a longer battery life. This makes the Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus the perfect tyre for your e-bike.


  • Smart-DualGuard - flat-less®- Puncture protection level 7
  • Special e-bike tyre
  • Touring, Trekking and City
  • ADDIX E rubber compound
  • E-bikes up to 50 km/h (ECE-R75)
  • 27,5" and 28"
  • Reflective stripes


Exclusively from Schwalbe. Only tyres with SmartGuard® and Smart DualGuard puncture protection can rightly call themselves "flat-less®". Proven millions of times over - the safest choice for bikes and e-bikes. The unplattable puncture protection even protects against staples.

The safest puncture protection available for e-bike tyres. Specially developed for the requirements of e-bike tyres. Outstanding puncture protection thanks to the combination of 4 mm thick SmartGuard special rubber with 2 layers of RaceGuard fabric.

Specially developed for e-bikes. A rubber compound for maximum durability, low rolling resistance and exceptionally good grip even at high speeds.

For fast e-bikes up to 50 km/h (S-pedelecs with registration, insurance and pedal assistance even above 25 km/h) a special approval of the tyre is necessary. For these bikes, we recommend e-bike tyres with the ECE-R75 approval valid throughout Europe.

Schwalbe is the first tyre manufacturer to offer products with fairly traded rubber. Schwalbe pays a Fair Rubber premium on every kilo of rubber. This is used exclusively to improve the living conditions of small farmers and their families. More information at fairrubber.org

If you have any questions regarding compatibilty or availability, do not hesitate to contact us.

Manufacturer: Schwalbe
Item: Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus E-Bike Tyre
Scope of delivery: 1 Tyre
Colour: Black
Item number: 2802
Material: ADDIX E compound
Mark of conformity: ECE-R75
Field of application: E-bike, S-pedelec, city bike, touring/trekking bike, eMTB
Design: Clincher tyre
Item weight: 50-584 ca. 1170g | 37-622 ca. 930g | 40-622 ca. 990g | 47-622 ca. 1150g | 50-622 ca. 1210g | 55-622 ca. 1395g (manufacturer's specification)
E.T.R.T.O.: 50-584 (27,5 x 2.00) | 37-622 (28 x 1.40) | 40-622 (28 x 1.50) | 47-622 (28 x 1.75) | 50-622 (28 x 2.00) | 55-622 (28 x 2.15)
Protection: SMART DUALGUARD | flat-less® | Puncture protection level 7
Carcass: 67 EPI
Tyre pressure: 50-584 - 2.5-4.5 BAR | 37-622 - 4.0-6.0 BAR | 40-622 - 3.5-6.0 BAR | 47-622 - 3.0-5.0 BAR | 50-622 - 2.5-4.5 BAR | 55-622 - 2.0-4.0 BAR
Max. load: 50-584 - 118kg | 37-622 - 100kg | 40-622 - 112kg | 47-622 - 121kg | 50-622 - 128kg | 55-622 - 136kg
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