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Shimano STEPS Intube-battery BT-E8036 - 630Wh

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  • IBTE8036E
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New performance level guarantees maximum riding fun With the new SHIMANO STEPS Intube... more

New performance level guarantees maximum riding fun

With the new SHIMANO STEPS Intube battery BT-E8036 now also SHIMANO brings a power plant with 630Wh capacity to the start. Thus, it is next to the also new BT-E8016 one of the two batteries with the largest capacity from the house SHIMANO and thus qualifies for extended mountain bike tours. As usual, the battery offers an extremely long life. After 1,000 charging cycles you still have at least 60% of the total capacity. If you charge once a week, 19 years have passed after 1,000 cycles.

LEDs provide information about the current charge level. The battery also communicates an error signal via these, should an error creep into the system. There is also an ON/OFF switch directly on the battery.

Due to the Intube design, the battery disappears in the down tube and is thus well protected at the same time by the cover of the frame against external influences. Charging is done in installed condition via the EW-CP100 charging socket of the e-bike or externally. Uncomplicated is also the removal of the battery from the frame by turning the key.

The battery is compatible with the existing EC-E6000, EC-E6002 and EC-E8004 chargers. With the latter, the Li-Ion cells are 100% charged after 6 hours. After 2.5 hours, it is already 50%. The matching SM-BTE80 adapter is required.


  • Intube Li-Ion battery for down tube
  • Group SHIMANO STEPS E8000
  • Extremely long life
  • LED display
  • ON/OFF switch
  • 630 Wh capacity
  • 36V
  • 17,5 Ah
  • approx. 3.7 kg
  • 42cm x 8,3cm x 6,5cm
Battery capacity: 600 Wh - 699 Wh
Manufacturer: Shimano
Shimano System: Shimano E8000
Extras: Compatible charging adapter - SM-BTE80 | Compatible battery holder - BM-E8030-A | BM-E8030-B | BM-E8031-A | BM-E8031-B
Weight: approx. 3700g
Item: Shimano STEPS frame battery BT-E8016
Scope of delivery: 1x battery BT-E8016
Manufacturer: Shimano
Charging cycles: After 1,000 charging cycles remaining capacity of approx. 60%
Compatibility: SHIMANO STEPS E8000
Specifications: ON/OFF switch | charge indicator | ERROR signal
Charging time: 6h - 100% | 3h - 80% | 2,5h - 50% with charger EC-E8004
Mounting: inside the down tube
Capacity: 17.5 Ah
Battery type: Li-Ion
Voltage: 36 V
Charger: EC-E6000 | EC-E6002 | EC-E8004
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