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Bosch LED Remote Control Unit for Smart System

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The Bosch control unit is the heart of the Bosch Smart System . It allows you to control your... more

The Bosch control unit is the heart of the Bosch Smart System. It allows you to control your entire e-bike via the compact remote control. The integrated LED display also shows you the most important information about your e-bike. This allows you to ride in a simple handlebar design without an additional display.

Features of the Bosch LED remote control unit for Smart System

  • Bosch e-bike control unit
  • Control centre for the entire e-bike
  • Display of battery status & selected assistance level
  • Switching between riding modes & operating the front light
  • Pairing of the smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Optional control of the Kiox 300 Smart System Display

Attention: When changing the control unit - LED Remote, Purion 200, System Controller - it is mandatory to teach-in the component via the Bosch Service Tool. To do this, contact a specialist dealer near you.

Everything under control: the Bosch Smart System control unit

With the Bosch Smart System, the complete intelligence of your e-bike is located in the LED remote control unit. This allows you to move your electric bike exclusively with the compact remote control on the handlebars. It not only makes for a simple and tidy cockpit, but also simplifies repairs and maintenance. As usual, the various support levels can be freely selected via the buttons. The coloured LED strip always lets you know exactly which mode you are in. The current battery status is also constantly displayed. You can also connect your smartphone effortlessly via Bluetooth. With the appropriate Bosch eBike Flow app, you can then optimally adapt your Bosch Smart System drive to your needs.

Mounting the Bosch LED Remote

When designing and developing the control unit for the Smart System, Bosch placed the highest value on usability and comfort. Bosch has conceived the design together with the ergonomics experts from SQlab. For mounting, you only need the LED Remote holder. You can mount it as desired in front or behind the brake lever. When aligning the control unit, just make sure that the plus and minus buttons are perpendicular to the ground. The LED Remote has a built-in battery. This ensures that you can switch on your e-bike. After longer downtimes, this may need to be recharged via the USB-C interface. Normally, however, the charging is taken over by the e-bike battery. In the event of a defect, the LED remote battery can also be replaced (Torx bit required). The connection to the Smart System motor is made via the matching Bosch display cable. This is available in many different lengths to match your e-bike.

Colour scale of the LED control unit for Bosch Smart System

The Smart System LED Remote has a sophisticated display. The different LEDs and colours provide all the important information about your e-bike. The support levels are displayed as gray for support off, green for Eco, blue for Tour, purple for EMTB and red for Turbo. A blue battery bar also corresponds to 20% battery capacity - a white 10%. From a state of charge of the e-bike below 30%, the bars are displayed as orange. If the LEDs of the battery indicator light up red, only 10% remaining battery is available. If the indicator flashes red the battery is empty and only has energy left to operate the lighting system. Critical error messages can be recognized by a completely red LED control unit. If the remote is completely orange, there is a non-critical error. If necessary, you can get more information and help via the Bosch E-Bike Flow app.

Important information about replacing a Bosch LED remote on your e-bike

If you would like to replace a defective LED remote on your e-bike, there are a few important things to note. The replacement itself is done in just a few steps: 1. disconnect the old remote from the e-bike and remove it, 2. attach the new control unit and connect it to the display cable. Now you can control your e-bike as usual. However, there is an internal conflict in the background which can only be resolved by a specialist dealer and the Bosch diagnostic software. As long as the conflict exists, there may also be restrictions in the function of the eBike Flow app.

Drive system: Bosch drive
Manufacturer: Bosch
Bosch System: Bosch Active Line from 2024 Smart System, Bosch Active Line Plus from 2024 Smart System, Bosch Cargo Line from 2022 Smart System, Bosch Performance Line CX from 2022 Smart System, Bosch Performance Line CX Race from 2023 Smart System, Bosch Performance Line from 2023 Smart System, Bosch Performance Line Speed from 2023 Smart System, Bosch Performance Line SX from 2024 Smart System
Item: Bosch LED Remote Control Unit for Smart System
Compatibility: For Bosch Smart System (BES3) drive only
Bluetooth: yes
Bosch E-Bike System: Bosch Smart System
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