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Bosch SmartphoneGrip retrofit set

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  • 9076-001

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With this retrofit kit , you can equip your eBike with the Bosch SmartphoneGrip and all the... more

With this retrofit kit, you can equip your eBike with the Bosch SmartphoneGrip and all the necessary cables and holders. This set consists of the SmartphoneGrip, the display holder, a display cable and, if required, the matching single-arm holder to ensure that everything works smoothly.

Features of the Bosch SmartphoneGrip retrofit set

  • Comprehensive set for retrofitting the Bosch SmartphoneGrip
  • incl. Bosch SmartphoneGrip
  • incl. Bosch display interface/ mounts
  • incl. Bosch Smart System display cable
  • on request incl. 1-arm handlebar mount in 31.8/35mm version

Bosch SmartphoneGrip retrofit kit according to your wishes

Put together your own customised conversion kit that fits your eBike perfectly. You have the option of choosing from different versions. First find out whether you need a 1-arm display holder and if so, which clamping diameter. You have the choice between 31.8 mm and 35 mm handlebar clamp diameters. Also decide on one of the two options for the cable outlet. Front/top: the display cables run forwards in the direction of travel or along the top edge of the display. Rear/ bottom: the display cables are routed to the rear in the direction of travel or at the bottom of the display. Finally, you can choose from a variety of cable lengths. Depending on the distance to the control unit, you can choose a shorter or longer display cable.

Using the Bosch SmartphoneGrip on the eBike

After installing the Bosch SmartphoneGrip, simply click in your mobile phone and you can now make full use of the eBike Flow app to keep an eye on navigation data, speed, battery status and much more. You can also charge your smartphone while riding, either by cable or inductively. The Bosch Smartphone Grip enables inductive charging with 1.5 A or wired charging with 1 A  (USB-C or Lightning). The power comes directly from the eBike battery, making empty smartphone batteries on long tours a thing of the past.
The Bosch SmartphoneGrip is compatible with mobile phones with the following dimensions: "Length - 123 - 175 mm; Width: 67 - 88 mm; Height: 6.8 - 13 mm". We recommend to use our SmartphoneGrip template to check the size of your smartphone.

Use Bosch SmartphoneGrip in portrait format

Would you prefer to use your mobile phone in portrait format while riding? Then you need an additional adapter to rotate your smartphone. With the EBIKE24 SmartphoneGrip vertical adapter, you can permanently rotate your Bosch mobile phone mount by 90°. If you want to switch quickly between vertical and horizontal orientation, we recommend the rotating 90° adapter for the SmartphoneGrip. This allows you to change the format of your mobile phone in a matter of seconds.

Drive system: Bosch drive
Manufacturer: Bosch
Bosch System: Bosch Active Line from 2024 Smart System, Bosch Active Line Plus from 2024 Smart System, Bosch Cargo Line from 2022 Smart System, Bosch Performance Line CX from 2022 Smart System, Bosch Performance Line CX Race from 2023 Smart System, Bosch Performance Line from 2023 Smart System, Bosch Performance Line SX from 2024 Smart System
Item: Bosch SmartphoneGrip retrofit set
Scope of delivery: 1x Bosch SmartphoneGrip, 1x Bosch SG mount incl. anti-theft device, 1x Bosch Smart System display cable 300mm | depending on selection: without bracket; 31.8mm or 35mm single-arm bracket incl. clamp, adapter shell, spacer rubber and 4x mounting screws.
Note: The SmartphoneGrip is suitable for riding on paved paths without jumps and with few steps (< 15 cm) at average speeds between 15 and 25 km/h, such as asphalt roads, dirt tracks, paths paved with gravel or sand, paved forest paths.
Compatibility: Only for Bosch Smart System drives from 2022 onwards
Incompatibility: Bosch Performance Line Speed drives
Cable length: 100 mm | 150 mm | 250 mm | 300 mm
Handlebar clamp: 31.8mm or 35mm
Bosch E-Bike System: Bosch Smart System
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